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The Neogenix development team is committed to creating the most unique and proven compounds that continually dominate the food supplements market. This commitment to advancement being the top priority, you can always count on the fact that they will be a leader in every new innovation, offering you the most extreme supplements being developed.

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To ensure quality, Neogenix products are carefully manufactured in accordance with the strictest standards. By using superior pharmaceutical-grade ingredients with an Assembly provided by an FDA-inspected facility that complies with cGMP standards, they can guarantee a high-quality product for each purchase.

Neogenix is always committed to quality, safety, efficiency, and innovation that‘s why it’s makes Neogenix an excellent value at all costs. But an even better value when considering their competitive price. All this leads to one thing, a top quality product you can count on every time.


Neogenix has once again succeeded with the new formulation developed by the specialists of performance nutrition, providing NEUROSHOCK. It is designed to support strength and endurance, providing energy, concentration and seemingly endless concentration, while promoting weight management.

NEUROSHOCK is the new craze for athletic performance. It is formulated with a combination of neuron-stimulants, Super antioxidants, and innovative metabolic activators.  This product can not only be used as a pre-workout, but also as a dietary supplement for those who seek to increase Thermogenesis and energy when they follow a hypocaloric diet!

By the time half of the Neogenix supplements progressed from their original formula to a 3.0 version, which includes NeuroSurge and the velocity grease burner. The other half is still back at 2.0 with supremacy and BodyForge, although technically the latter is a little more advanced at 2.1. It now seems that Neogenix will update its BodyForge program before training, but instead of upgrading to version 3.0, it is called BodyForge ultra.

The veteran supplements company Neogenix also owns a separated second brand that is known as velocity nutrition. For Long-time fans of Neogenix and the bodybuilders will recognize velocity as the title of its original pre-workout, the latest version being velocity ultra.

The brand new product of the velocity nutrition label is essentially the latest evolution of Neogenix's velocity pre-workout. It is designed to offer a powerful combination of increased energy, mental focus, strength, and endurance, for the ultimate all-in-one, stimulant-based pre-workout system.

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