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Naturopathica was founded by Barbara Close back in 1995 with a simple mission: educating the public about the advantages of holistic health and its beauty links. Naturopathica continues to develop its product line more than two decades later, based on the knowledge gathered from its founder as herbal, esthetic and aromatherapist.

Inspired by their herbal background, Naturopathica is committed to the clean, sustainable ingredients and believes in plant healing power. They adopt a holistic approach to health and beauty, which seeks to provide true and durable results instead of the source of imbalance.

The mission of Naturopathica is to help all Australians to find a good health patch. But they know how difficult and confusing it is to find the right product for you at Naturopathica. This is why natural health products & services that solve specific needs and guide you to good public health are developed by Naturopathica. It is owned and run by Australia's brand.

Naturopathica Australia is convinced of Naturopathy, as the name suggests: a holistic approach to wellness. Naturopathic medicine celebrates and focuses on prevention and the healing power of nature. All of their products, using premium, natural, and scientifically researched ingredients, are developed and recommended by naturalists and health care professionals.

Naturopathica Products

Naturopathica is Australia’s leading brand – offering the finest products. They are providing a complete range of high-quality products such as:

  • GastroHealth FibrePro Powder: Encourage a healthy gut for regularity, digestive health and well-being with GastroHealth FibrePro.
  • GastroHealth Probiotic SB Gastro Guard: GastroHealth Gastro Guard 10s can help to alleviate diarrhoea, fight pathogens and enhance the immune system. They can also help protect against travelers and antibiotic diarrhea.
  • GastroHealth Antacid Dual Action: GastroHealth Antacid Dual action combines fast-acting antacid and daily probiotic, in an effort to relieve heartburn symptoms and indigestion.
  • GastroHealth SB Gastro Guard 30s: GastroHealth Gastro Guard 30s can assist in alleviating diarrhea, fighting pathogens and enhancing the immune system. They can also help protect against passengers and antibiotic diarrhoea.
  • Reducta Mints 30s: Just don't let sugar cravings get the best of you! Reduction in sugar cravings to help you fight the tempting, sweet desires.
  • Collagen for Joints 1,250MG by Collagenix: Collagenix Joints 1,250 mg helps you maintain healthy joints by boosting your collagen daily. In delicious, citrus-flavored chewable tablets combines supporting collagen protein with collagen-enhanced organic vitamin C.
  • Collagen Tablets 1,250MG by Collagenix: Discover Collagenix Beauty Button's secret to beautiful skin – high strength collagen in delicious chewable blueberry collagen.
  • Clear Skin Active 30s: Pimples and acne start under your skin. Naturopathica Clear Skin Active is an addition that helps to alleviate acne symptoms. It also supports skin repair and helps enhance skin's overall health.

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