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Narciso Rodriguez is one of America’s foremost designers holding a strong position in the world of Luxury Fashion. The company is playing a vital and singular role in fashion. Back in 1996, Narciso Rodriguez got international acclaim when she designed a wedding dress, which was worn by Carolyn Bessette for her marriage.

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Later in November 2008, it became a major part of the monumental events in the United States’ history. And now, Narciso Rodriguez has become one of the best fashion houses – based in New York City, but its products are available in other countries, too, like Australia and New Zealand.

Since its beginning, Narciso Rodriguez in Australia and other countries are delivering the highest quality products for its valued customers as Narciso Rodriguez values their needs and relationship also it has with its customers. Super-fast customer services are also another field in which Narciso Rodriguez excels as compared to other bands. To cut it short, Narciso Rodriguez always strives to provide the best ever quality items at unmatched rates.

Narciso Rodriguez Products

Matching to your personality, Narciso Rodriguez feels proud to offer you an extensive range of products in numerous collections. They have a wide collection of fragrances and clothing. They are specialised in Fragrances for both men and women, and some of them are as follow:

For Him

For him is sexy, warm, pure, and redefined. The characteristics of the central musk are enhanced with violet sheets and an amber brush. A seductively sophisticated smell, eternal for him always.

  • For Him Eau de Parfum

Eau de Parfum has a particular sense of suspense and mystery for him. The fragrance is powerful yet delicate, heavy, and suggestive. The pure muscular heart is emphasized by fresh floral notes of iris and colour-less berries. The bottle is coloured from inside in silver, the resulting colour is a deep bronze.

  • For Him Bleu Noir

Refine and pure, the elegant and mysterious Eau de toilette bleu noir is for him. The distinguishing musk in its core has a hint of musk and a touch of blue cedar. This Eau de toilette is always timeless and a seductive, clever fragrance.

For Her

A profound statement about sensuality and beauty applies to her fragrance collection. This line of fragrance has an intimate and sensual lasting intensity, and it is addictive. For her inspiration, Carmen Kass has a classic and timeless beauty; she transmits confidence without artifice and effortlessly. It represents a pure beauty fundamentally deep and growing.

  • For Her Pure Musc

A singular olfactory composition reenacts and strengthens a woman's dual existence. The signature musk of Narciso Rodriguez is re-exposed and refined with an abundance of purity and depth. The exquisite musk heart is strengthened by a white bouquet, while Cashmere offers warmth. The most addictive perfume that teases the senses and fills the body for its PURE MUSC Eau de Parfum.

  • For Her Fleur Musc

Fresh energy radiates to her Fleur Musc. The vivid spirit of the fragrance is an incarnation of modern femininity and passion. The signature heart of the musk is surrounded by a floral bouquet. The rosé flowers, which have a rose pepper spike, enhance musk, and add warmth to amber wood notes, a blend of patchouli and soft amber. The result: a magnificent rose standing alone.

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