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A brand that is best in quality and in taste as well as one of the leading brands in premium sports supplements. The team is dedicated to designing and manufacturing the best supplements with maximum protein and energy and while keeping the side effects minimal. The main focus of MuscleWerks is to produce the products of the best quality and taste while using high-quality ingredients.

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In terms of performance and health, while many people focus on external effects, MuscleWerks has dug deeper and decided to provide a product that will energize them from the inside! Code Red is this product, cleansing, and detoxification of the liver that helps your liver to function at a very high level. Although this may seem useless to some, your liver running at 100% allows you to be also at 100%! With all the toxins and the damage caused by modern life that accumulate over time, giving your body the tool for optimal health will also allow you to achieve optimal performance!


Code Red is an exceptional product that has been designed with the expertise to produce only results. By allowing your system to operate at full throttle, Code Red will not only improve your health but provide incredible performance enhancements that allow you to train to new heights. If you do everything right, but you still believe that something is missing, Code Red is for you!

E-scape is an estrogen blocker made from MuscleWerks. It helps to reduce the number of estrogenic hormones in the body, promoting an optimal environment for muscle building and fat loss.

Get energy without an accident, limit your Craven, gain concentration, suppress your appetite and improve your mood with Define8!

New advanced Thermogenic formula, Define8 provides gentle and sustained energy without accident, but only pure, clean and natural energy, designed to make you feel satiated for longer while increasing the body's potential to burn unwanted fat. It even has a huge 25 cups of green tea equivalent per spoon!

Bodyguard with PeptoPro is a very advanced peptide formulation derived from dairy proteins. It contains the 20 amino acids necessary for the synthesis of muscle proteins. Bodyguard releases amino acids in the form of dipeptides and tripeptides. Its Instant delivery of amino acids in the muscles, even during high-intensity exercises stimulates the synthesis of muscle proteins during and after exercise.

It Improves physical performance, endurance, and endurance and accelerates recovery and stimulates insulin secretion after exercise. Product is available in 3 excellent flavors: Orange mango, raspberry, strawberry, and an unflavored version.

MuscleWerks DeTrim is a 3-phase grease burner that promotes a good mood as well as a feeling of mental well-being and that burns fat effectively.

DeTrim contains Dendrobium extract, a compound known for its mental properties "feel good" and its ability to increase the performance of the workout. One of its main mechanisms of action is to save stored muscle glycogen, which promotes the energy of the workout, as well as the ability to slow down fatigue and moisturize your muscles, allowing you to train longer and harder.

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