MusclePharm Corporation was merged on August 4, 2006. While On February 18, 2010, the company acquired muscle Pharm, LLC. As a result, MusclePharm became a wholly-owned subsidiary. The brand is basically USA based and sells its products all over the world. The motive of the brand is to develop and being the safest and advance nutrition that mostly are sports supplements which enhance the stamina of a person. As the products of this brand enhance the athletic performance, strength, stamina and overall personal health without having any side effects. They offer you a special mass gaining training that can help you gain your mass in a proper manner. It also supports online training center which is free for the first 12 weeks and the lectures are given by the best trainers in the company. Along with they will guide you who to user products in a proper manner to gain the best results.

History of the Brand

In May 2012, MusclePharm had entered into illegal price discrimination contracts with a lone star competitor in order to withdraw Lone Star from the market. In 2011, the environmental research center (ERC) filed a notice of intent to prosecute more than 200 nutrition and supplements companies, including MusclePharm, alleging violations. In February 2012, ThermoLife asserted in a lawsuit that brand had breached ThermoLife's patent on amino acid compounds, including creatine nitrate.

In September 2011, Leonard Armenta, Executive Vice President of the company, reportedly resigned after accusations of the MMA fighter Quinton Jackson that there would have been a spy in his camp before UFC 135. Jackson accused his opponent Jon Jones of having a spy in his training camp in Denver, Colorado, before the fight. In March 2012, NSF International informed the public that a MusclePharm product improperly bore the trademark NSF certified for sport. In December 2013, NSF filed a lawsuit against the company and stated that the company was not authorized to use NSF certification marks. In September 2012, the Tawnsaura group sued the brand for patent infringement.

In January 2014, MusclePharm acquired BioZone laboratories, which included its facilities in Richmond, California. This acquisition included BioZone's Quizomes, HyperSorb, and EquaSome technologies, as well as various product lines, including the Arnold Schwarzenegger series, in 2013. This acquisition was finalized at the end of 2013. In September 2014, the company entered into a revolving credit facility with the National Bank Amarillo for an amount of 8 million. At the end of 2014, The brand had a net turnover of 67 million. Net sales in the fourth quarter exceeded 32 million. In August 2015, MusclePharm reported 50.5 million at the end of the second quarter of 2015, an increase of 8% over 2014. They also announced their intention to restructure in order to save an annual surplus of 20 million from 2016.

Where to Buy

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