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Musashi is an Australian nutrition brand which is named in honor of Japanese samurai warrior Miyamoto Musashi. He was famous for his talent and for writing the book of five rings, an exploration of the philosophy and strategy of martial arts. This brand was founded in 1987; the company was one of the first in Australia to sell amino acid blends with the launch of K'un the receptive, by Kuan the creative, NI, and Chen. Their success has led to a rapid expansion of the brand stock to include protein powders, sports nutrition bars, and beverages.
Musashi products are aimed at a wide market, from beginners athletes and sportsmen to professional and amateur teams, to people who like to exercise as part of their daily activities. Musashi range offers support for all aspects of sports nutrition, including strength and muscular development, recovery after training, support of energy levels, toning and sculpture, and health in general.

History of Musashi

This company was established in 1987. It was named on Miyamoto Musashi, a Japanese swordsman known for his duels and distinctive style. He was also famous for his book the book of five rings. Musashi was initially launched with a small range of amino acid blends. It is one of the first Australian companies to do this with the release of Kuan the creative, K'un the receptive, Chen and NI in 1987. Its variety of products has expanded to include amino acids, protein powders, bars, and beverages. All the company's products are specifically designed to meet the performance needs of athletes as well as muscular development, energy, recovery, firming, and General vitality.
The company's impressive range of products includes the bulk mass gain 2.5 kg, the hybrid 92 1.9 kg, and the L-carnitine 50g. The company also maintains a strict quality ingredient and to the respect of perfect quality standards. It holds ISO 22000 certification 2005 for the food safety management system and dairy products as well as the manufacturer's license for dairy food safety Victoria. The company launched its research development center which provides the best nutrition advice to the high-level athletes while in 2012 they became the proud partner of sports nutrition for several teams from AFL, NRL, A-League and Super 15. Musashi products are distributed and sold throughout Australia in natural food stores, pharmacies, and fitness centers. Its main office is located in Notting Hill, Victoria.

Where to Buy Musashi Products

Musashi Supplements include two different powdered creatine products. For those looking to develop lean muscles, Creatine monohydrate is the most effective product, containing zero carbohydrates and sugars. Alternatively, for those who want to win in size and strength quickly, creatine stack is offered. This product is mixed with specific amino acids designed to increase the absorption of muscle creatine and also have an anti-catabolic effect. You can purchase all these Musashi products from the Australian best online website, Paylessdeal.com.au.