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Founded back in 1991, Muc-Off in Australia and other countries is obsessed with producing high-quality and innovative care products for those who want their toys (whether bicycle, motorcycles, cars or other accessors) to look like brand-new and running at their higher.

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Their story begins with Rex and Marilyn in the UK when after manufacturing the world’s first twin crown bicycle, Rex decided to produce a pink spray to get its kit cleaned. Making a long story short, this cleaner made by Rex was an excellent thing that sold like a hot cake and hence, Muc-Off was born.

Things are now entirely different as Muc-Off is one of the leading, well-recognised and highly admirable brand for the riders and racers throughout the world. Their online Muc-Off Store has a plethora of cleaning products for your bicycle, motorbikes and cars as the company has done a lot more than their first pink cleaner.

They always strive to come up with something new and unique and all of their ideas are produced at their in—house, which is state-of-the-art R&D Center. Every single product they produce is being tested properly before sending to the market. Thus, riders and racers ensure every product of Muc-Off is 100% fine and works as perfectly as it should.

Muc-Off Products

Aussies can benefit from Muc-Off Sale and Clearance to shop for their desired products without having to spend a fortune.

Alongside a host of accessories, Muc-Off is offering the widest product selection under different categories such as cleaners, brushes and much more. Some of the best products are as follow:

  • Bio Drivetrain Cleaner

Bio Drivetrain Cleaner is the entire drivetrain cleaning solution that you can either pour in or out on your chain rings, rear cassettes and destroyers, to clean up all your drivetrain within seconds.

  • Bio Degreaser Aerosol

Water Soluble De-Grease eliminates grease, fats, and grain on metal, plastic, rubber and screens easily and safely. Its unique biodegradable formula means that it can be rinsed quickly and completely cleaned with water after use.

  • Cleaning Brush 3 Pack

Soft washing brush features a sintered bristle compound designed for the cleaning and care of sensitivity of your wheels and components. The latest design has a sturdy, impact-resistant handle, which does not slip in severe situations, an overtaxed head for easy cleaning of large areas and rubberized areas to protect it maximally.

  • Drivetrain Detailing Brush

It can be difficult without the right tool to reach the deepest and darkest parts of your driving gear. This is why their high-quality Drivetrain Brush has been developed. It is the ideal piece of equipment for applying the Bio Drivetrain Cleaner in no time on your chain, tape, mechanics and sprockets.

  • Two Prong Brush

Two Prong Brush is ideal for hard-to-shift contamination on spokes, discs, shocks, cranks, connectors and pedals. Its unique design has an impact-resistant, dual-density grip with maximum moisture grip and lasting nylon bristle. You can also modify and reposition the twin brush heads to the narrowest places!

  • Wet Lube 50ml

Wet Chain Lube is an extremely durable bicycle and oil chain lubricant specifically designed for long distances under wet or muddy conditions. Their state-of-the-art formula is extracted from natural and renewable sources.

  • TFE Chain Lube Aerosol 400ml

The PTFE Chain Lube is designed to keep up with the intense pressure used in modern drive chains. This very flexible, dry weather chain lube is highly penetrating that guarantees that all parts of the chain link are fully lubricated.

  • AP Amino Recovery Balm

Amino Recovery Balm revives, refreshes and renews your body and offers a gentle cooling feeling!

This special formula calms, relaxes and rejuvenates the body so that the amino acid glutamine, which is the most abundant amino acid in muscle cells, will help to regenerate and improve the strength.

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