MSI GeForce GTX 1050 2G OS Graphics Cards

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Brand:                                               MSI
MODEL NAME:                                 GeForce® GTX 1050 2G OC
INTERFACE:                                     PCI Express x16 3.0
CORE NAME:                                    GP107-300
CORES:                                             640 Units
CORE CLOCKS:                               1518 MHz / 1404 MHz
MEMORY:                                          2GB GDDR5 (128-bit)
OUTPUT:                                            DisplayPort (Version 1.4) / HDMI 2.0b / DL-DVI-D
HDCP SUPPORT:                              2.2
POWER CONSUMPTION:                75 W


According to Nvidia’s Pascal architecture, MSI GeForce GTX 1050 2G OS in Australia comes with a lot of improvements in terms of memory bandwidth, performance and power efficiency as compared to its predecessor. The front panel of GTX 1050 2G OS houses so many outputs. It’s loaded with DisplayPort 1.4 output, one HDMI 2.0b output, and DVI-D Dual-Link output.


  • Graphics Processing Unit: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050
  • Interface: PCI Express x16 3.0
  • Core Name: GP107-300
  • Cores: 640 Units
  • Core Clocks: 1518 MHz / 1404 MHz
  • Memory Speed: 7008 MHz
  • Memory: 2GB GDDR5 (128-bit)
  • Output: DisplayPort
  • Power Consumption: 75 W
  • Recommended PSU: 300 W
  • Card Dimensions: 177 x 118 x 34 mm
  • Digital Maximum Resolution: 7680 x 4320

Nvidia Ansel

With an Ansel, one can compose gameplay shots he/she wants – pointing a camera in any direction. One can also capture screenshots at up to 32 times the screen resolution and zoom in where he/she wants to choose without losing reliability. Interestingly, there are so many filters adding effects in real-time before capturing the shots.


With CUDA, Nvidia enables applications to hand off CPU-intensive tasks. Be noted that a GPU cannot only be used for rendering graphics, but it can also provide teraflops of floating point performance as well as accelerate application tasks.

G-Sync Ready

If you are using a monitor which has G-sync hardware installed, the monitor’s refresh rate will sync and lock with graphics card’s output frame. Making this synch will remove stuttering and tearing which may result from conventional fixed screen refresh rates – especially important for gaming in stereoscopic 3D.

Price and Availability

The Australian audience right now can get their hands on one as it’s available on shelves all over Australia. The MSI GeForce GTX 1050 2G OS Price in Australia ranges AU$228-249. Above, we have compiled a list of several online stores offering GTX 1050 2G OS at unmatched rates alongside different deals and discounts. So, what are you waiting for?