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MSGM brings a breath of freshness to the Italian fashion scene with its collections often characterised by satirical prints and colourful palettes. MSGM Australia has quickly become one of the most acclaimed clothing brands in Australia and thanks to modern twist dresses and ultra-feminine skirts.

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MSGM Australia is a famous men's and women's ready-to-wear clothing brand. Born in Milan in 2009 thanks to Massimo Giorgetti in collaboration with the Paoloni group and today boasts international clients. MSGM has generated that it has become known throughout the world as the excellence of Made in Italy, has attracted the attention of fashion capitals and is currently sold worldwide.

MSGM Australia immediately became recognisable through its computer-generated prints and graphics, in which vivid and bright colours stand out. It is a style suitable for young people who follow fashion but are not slaves of the brands and who like to dare without feeling at the centre of the scene.

Massimo Giorgetti, the founder of the brand and current creative director, is inspired by music, which he loves very much given his previous career as a DJ and art, something that is certainly not lacking in Italy.

MSGM: The Story Behind the brand

The MSGM brand does not have a long history behind it, from an interview with Massimo Giorgetti, it emerged that the idea of creating this clothing line would have arrived at an economically unprofitable moment, i.e. in September 2008, therefore during the financial collapse of the Bags.

 During an aperitif with some friends, he would have reflected on the "new beginning", and the change would have followed, the idea would have come to launch a product that would go to stabilise in the desirable market portion, left free by the first and second lines of designer fashion items.

He was with Riccardo Grassi, current sales manager to whom Giorgetti is very close and grateful after that far-sighted chat, thanks to which MSGM came to life and expanded considerably, continuing to develop.

The letters in the name of the brand would be the initials of two friends and a loved one who would support Giorgetti and his desire to launch this brand. MSGM would also represent a play on words with the name and surname of its founder, besides being an apparent reference to one of his favourite bands, the MGMT.

MSGM – History and Overview

MSGM is an Italian fashion brand born from the creative idea of Romagna-born Massimo Giorgetti. The professionalism of the young designer, born in 1977, was formed primarily in the commercial sphere and only later was it extended to the creation of unique and original items.

Thanks to this wide-ranging training, the MSGM brand has succeeded in achieving success in a short time. The vision that the designer has of the "fashion product" is not only stylistic, but also commercial and strategic. A vision that has been built up over many years, the turning point came in 2008 and, in partnership with the Paoloni Group, also the creation of the MSGM brand.

The designer's great desire to create something new, which had never been seen in the fashion scene, led him to combine his marketing knowledge with a passion for fashion and his great classics, such as Yves Saint Laurent, Coco Chanel and Walter Albini.

His musical tastes, mainly aimed at Indie sounds (his favourite bands are MGMT and The Strokes), and artistic ones (Pop-art and street art in the first place) entered his collections with arrogance giving rise to garments capable of being to talk and not just to be admired and worn. His is a unique and original vision of fashion created to dress new generations.

The first MSGM collections immediately capture the goal and, in 2010, the brand and its creator is chosen from among the revelations of the "Who's on next" contest sponsored by Vogue Italia. An extraordinary springboard has served MSGM to reach the most crucial fashion bloggers in the world.

Today Massimo Giorgetti and his MSGM can enjoy their well-deserved success and continue their creative work through the study of ever new and original materials and shapes, always able to amaze and meet the needs of the public. 

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A little bit sophisticated, the MSGM collections exude freshness and vivacity thanks to colour patterns, maxi flounces and hyper-feminine details. Dresses, T-shirts and sweatshirts are full of personality and aim to conquer all women, from the most romantic to the most daring. Buy MSGM Products Online from our Online Store as we offer all MSGM clothing and accessories for Men, Women, and Kids.