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Movado Watches Australia is very characteristic thanks to their dials on which one metal point per hour has placed. Movado means "in constant movement" which is the reflection of the brand undoubtedly.

Movado is a flagship brand in the portfolio of Movado Group Inc. founded in 1881 in La Chaux-de-Fonds in Switzerland and incorporated into the corporation in 1983. The Movado Group also has such brands as HUGO BOSS, Juicy Couture, Lacoste, Tommy Hilfiger and Scuderia Ferrari. Each of the Brands is synonymous with quality and timeless style.

Movado has been awarded more than 200 times in international competitions for the best design and technology, and their designs are decorated with permanent collections of museums around the world. This long and rich heritage of designing and a reference to art to this day defines Monado's identity.

Movado Watches: Origin

Movado watches, born in Switzerland more than a century ago, since then they have been manufactured in the Swiss country, from where they distribute their products all over the world.

The brand is known primarily for its outstanding Museum design, considered one of the best minimalist watches and has received several international awards. However, not all Movado watches are works of art.

The starting point of the history of MOVADO was the year 1881 when the talented watchmaker Achilles Dieteschein launched the first watch of the brand he founded in the Swiss city of La Chaux-de-Fonds.

The company initially named LAI Ditescheim & Freres SA, and it would not be until 1905 when its founder would decide to change the name to Movado. Ditesheim chose to call his watches "Movado" by the horological sense of the word, which means movement.

Movado and Modern Art

The aesthetics of Movado watches have always based on contemporary art; Art Deco is the current that guided the brand's designs in its early years. Thus in 1912, the "Polyplan" born, a rectangular case clock whose main characteristic was its pronounced curvature, designed to adapt to the wearer's wrist.

From 1920 the company also began to apply the modernist design to its pocket watches, bold shapes designs with golden colours and enamels very characteristic of the Art Deco movement. Especially noteworthy at this stage is Movado Ernesto, a pocket watch whose case is divided into two sliding halves that hide the dial while it is not being used.

The minimalist aesthetic would not reach Movado watches until the 1930s, at which time the firm return to its time by launching its curious "digital" watches. Of course, it was still mechanical watches (quartz did not exist yet),but with a rotating disc design that allowed to visualise the date and time in digital format.

Even with its limitations, the extremely minimalist aesthetics of these "digital" models would end up laying the foundations for the brand's future.

BrandHistory and Origin

In 1945, Movado launched the historic TEMPOMATIC watch, the first wristwatch with an automatic winding. Then followed the more complex KINGMATIC (1956),extremely popular in the 50-60s.

Widely known for the legendary Museum Clock, MOVADO has become synonymous with clean, modern lines that arose in the 1920s thanks to the international movement of artists and designers Bauhaus.

Designed in 1947 by American artist Nathan George Horvitz, the dial of the now-classic Movado watch with single 12' o clock symbolising the sun at its zenith is proposed as a way to make sense of the concept of time.

This well-known dial, devoid of marks other than a single point, is part of the permanent collections of museums around the world, including the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Being the general sponsor of the American Ballet Theater since 1986, MOVADO is also closely associated with the Miami City Ballet, San Francisco Ballet, Lincoln Center and Arena Di Verona.

Thanks to the launch of the Artists' Series project in 1988, eminent and aspiring but promising artists - including Andy Warhol, Yaakov Aigem, Romero Britto, James Rosenquist and Max Bill - were invited to create limited watch collections.

The company managed to secure the title of the legislator of quality and style and has become a favourite brand of many famous people. Albert Einstein wore a watch of this brand on his wrist for many years. The MOVADO brand is becoming more and more popular every year and is rightfully considered one of the most prestigious and expensive.

Today, the concept of popular Museum watches has developed in a full range of styles. However, purity of design and quality of Swiss production, which have won international recognition, are mandatory for all watches.

The American rebirth of the brand

In 1983, Movado acquired by the North American Watch Corporation (NAWC),a company whose goal was to turn luxury watches into a status symbol in the US. Since then Movado Group Inc. has become one of the world's leading watch companies and brings together other prestigious brands such as Hugo Boss, Lacoste or Tommy Hilfiger. The firm is currently based in Paramus, New Jersey, although Movado watches are still manufactured in its Swiss facilities.

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Other than that, the brand offers Bangle watches, Diamond Watches, and Jewellery sets for feminine also. For the sports lover and the smart people, the brand offers the Smartwatches as well. If you are looking for the Movado Watches for Sale Online, you came to the right place.