Founded back in 2003 at a Saloon in Jackson Hole, WY, with a casual conversation but now not only Mountain Khakis in Australia but other countries have become a well-recognised brand that provides exceptional quality mountain-inspired lifestyle apparel.

Mountain Khakis Soul Statement

“There is an adventurous spirit inside of all of us - a wild heart called from nature to live authentically and free from modern society. Pure independence and vigorous adventure have become a way of life for many outdoor and mountain enthusiasts. Mountain Khakis has been specially created for this lifestyle.”

Mountain Khakis rapidly became an important item of everyone’s wardrobe, from ranch hands to golfers, jet travelers, and thumb travelers. The tradition of Mountain Khakis continues as it interacts with the enthusiast of independence and vigorous adventure.

Besides, hundreds of products are offered at Mountain Khakis Store with a focus on performance and fabrics such as polo shirts, button-downs, moisturising tees, flannels, sweaters, and UPF sun protection. More specifically, their range of signatures includes chino tops, capris, shorts, sturdy denim, and rugged denim. They are all treated expertly in terms of comfort and indoor utility.

They can’t help but think that the possibilities are endless though staying true to its pioneered roots and building on modest Southern charm, along with loyal follow-up like no other. They introduce new, rational products and further refine and suit the fabric.

The concentrate on sustainability and outdoor safety alongside a long-term dedication to their customers. They are continuously looking forward to how they can turn their ideas and dreams into reality.

Product Categories


Various web portals and online retailers are aimed at offering their customers online shopping at low prices. A significant range of Mountain Khakis Sales and discounts are now available at their official website to shop your desired products at unmatched rates. Let’s have a look at some of the best Mountain Khakis products below:

The Swagger Jacket is a field jacket that looks like wearing every day in winter. The outside absorbs water and provides heat through the fast-drying, recessed insulation.

The Mountain Chambray shirt is able to work and play at the intersection of the rough and refined. It's actually built with classic workwear styles for mountain life.

The sweater of Old Faithful feels like a sweatshirt. The sweater knit is soft and warm in recycled polyester and has 6 pockets, two of them inside.

The Original Mountain men's slips go from basketball to boardroom, doing best when worn every day. Under Tetons, they were born and bred as the ultimate external panthers.

This is all you love about all-in-one flannels and tunics. The lightweight women's tunic of the Mountain Khakis Penny Flannel is suitable for leggings or skinny jeans.

The men's Mountain Khakis Horizon shirt influenced by colours found in the desert horizons keeps you cool with cotton yarns, personalized corozo fabrics, and buttons.

The Teton Flannel men's shirt is just as comfortable, durable, and dry for Mountain Khakis, a staple of many years, this season as you've always wanted it to be.

Davidson Stretch Oxford's easy-care shirt is perfect for the guy on the go. Details in the style include a knuckle down collar, twin-knuckle cuffs, and chest pocket.

Meet the latest wingman in your closet. You could find a better flannel for cotton than the Peden shirt hard pressed. Its soft butter is made to hang out with friends.

Meet your pal Christopher, your cold-weather buddy. The Christopher fleece-lined shirt has chest pockets with easy to glide and snap flaps that continue to be laid down.

The silk weight Passport EC long sleeve top, a camela of successful travel tops, is ready and willing to enjoy the evening bite early on Friday.

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