Mountain Hardwear, a brand that implies its name is one of the leading brands in Alpine Sports, Mountain Clothing, Gears, Tops, Backpacks, Tents, and Camps for Men, Kids, and Women. For more than 25 years, Mountain Hardwear offers the best quality products all over the globe, including America, Asia, and European countries.

Without any doubt, Mountain Hardwear Australia is the top-rated brand in Australia if you are looking for the Outdoor Pieces of equipment.

Brand History and Overview

A brand came into existence in 1993 by some outdoor industry enthusiast that worked for Sierra Designs. Dare to be different and to do something innovate lead Mountain Hardwear to achieve great success and reputation in the market.

The experienced team worked with the passion for the outdoor with performance technology for manufacturing high-quality products.  The brand is dedicated to building essential gears, backpacks, tents, and sleeping bags for outdoor athletes and climbers. The high-quality tents are known to be summated on the highest peak points where other brand’s sleeping bags or camps could not even reach because of the quality and material they use.

Customer’s satisfaction and comfort are mandatory to Mountain Hardwear, which is why they test every stitch, fabric, and the functionality to offer exceptional comfort and leisure when your body desires to rest.

Sports Climbing and Alpine Climbing

It offers two different Catalogues which are Sports Climbing and Alpine Climbing. Looking at the Sports Climbing and Bouldering collection, it includes Climbing shorts and T-shirts for adding more versatility and durability while climbing adventures.  The Alpine Collections provides warm and hardshell jackets including other thermal overalls for work or alpine climbing.

Mountain Hardwear Accessories

At Mountain Hardwear, you will find numerous ranges of gloves for all activities, other than that they offer all kinds of Caps, Hats, and other Accessories you might look for your climbing.

Mountain Hardwear Gears

In addition to the clothing line, the brand also provides high-quality and practical gear. Again, the field of high-speed and mild alpine climbing takes precedence. The backpack line provides packs for trail running, journey, or trips. The brand contains tents of all sizes and categories such as for base camping and ultralight tents for habitation. The assortment of sleeping bags completes the brand’s product line.

Mountain Hardwear Australia manufactured the reliable, durable, and warmer Ski Jackets, Coats, Pants, Windbreakers, and Vest that keeps you warm in colder temperature.

And for the hiking lovers, those who love adventures, MountainHardwear added the transitional –weather cloths pieces such as Flannels, Knitwear, and Shorts to their collection for leisure and comfort during hiking in cold areas.

Buy Mountain Hardwear Products Online

A brand that covers all outdoor sports like climbing, Skiing, Snowboarding, and Fitness activities, you can look for any Cloth accordingly to your sports activity.

To buy Mountain Hardwear Product Online in Australia, look nowhere, as we offer an extensive range of Clothing and Outdoor Equipment regarding all Alpine Sports and Climbing.