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Calorie Steps Counter Tracker...

$ 155.06

Fitness Watches,Watch Fitness...

$ 155.07

RCKEY KW10 Smart Watch Sportwa...

$ 61.53

RCKEY KW10 Smart Watch Sportwa...

$ 59.64

RCKEY KW10 Smart Watch Sportwa...

$ 59.38

RCKEY KW10 Smart Watch Sportwa...

$ 60.23

Calorie Steps Counter Tracker,...

$ 155.12

Sense - White + Charging Cable

$ 438.67

Daseey KW10 Smart Watch Sportw...

$ 60.44

RCKEY KW10 Smart Watch Sportwa...

$ 58.91

RCKEY KW10 Smart Watch Sportwa...

$ 62.83

RCKEY KW10 Smart Watch Sportwa...

$ 62.59

RCKEY KW10 Smart Watch Sportwa...

$ 62.65

Get all the notifications with immediate effects from your favourite social networking platforms as well as games, contacts as Paylessdeal.com.au brings an extensive range of smartwatches under the brand name Motorola for all of our valued customers. Staying active, healthy and motivated has never been easier before but Motorola Smartwatches in Australia express your fashion statement and of course your personality in a whole new dimension. Such a clever smartwatch on your wrist can definitely lift up your eyes – your friends' brows, knowing that it has become an important part of our everyday lives.

Smartwatch that Makes Out Time for You

Without a doubt, getting smartwatches customized had never been so easier. Yes, you read that correctly. With a plethora of latest Motorola smartwatches here at PayLessDeal, you can choose the right one according to your mood, taste, and personality. Moreover, Motorola smartwatches are available in multiple sizes of cases, multiple coloured bands, and bezels. Hence, you can buy one that takes your enjoyment to the next level and fits perfectly your style.

Fitness and Health

Motorola smartwatches have been designed precisely to record all of your activities before you enter the fitness center and as soon as you finish the session. You can receive instant notices all day long, which will be up-to-date and inspired.

Go Wireless

Motorola Sol is the most recent addition to the company's production line. It offers you complete wireless Internet connectivity which can take you anywhere in seconds. In fact, the smartphone doesn't need to be connected – you are all set to have full internet access right on your smartwatch.

Best Motorola Smartwatches with Specs

Motorola Moto 360 1.56-inches

Moto 360 Smartwatch

Motorola Moto 360 2nd Gen

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