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There is a single component that will act as its basis, whether you are wanting to construct your own PC, or buy a previously made PC that you may like to extend or upgrade at a later date. This is none other than a motherboard, and this piece of the PC puzzle is extremely important. It influences many of the other components from which you may pick, and it also decides the motherboard you can use based on other choices, such as the CPU you'll use in your new PC. Today, there is a broad range of motherboards. Many aspects need to be taken into account when buying new Motherboards in Australia for your home-made computer.

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GIGABYTE Z390 Gaming X (Intel LGA1151Z39...


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ASRock ATX Motherboard (B450 PRO4)


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Raspberry Pi 4 Model B 2019 Quad Core 64...


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MSI X570-A PRO Motherboard (AMD AM4, DDR...


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ASRock AM4X570M Pro4DDR4M.2HDMIDPRJ45 Mo...


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MSI Z390-A PRO LGA1151 (Intel 8th and 9t...


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Processor Support

You must pick a motherboard that supports the type of CPU and the speed you would want to utilise and which has the right socket type for that processor.

RAM Support

Make sure your selected motherboard supports sufficient RAM of your RAM type for your needs. In most motherboards, at least 32 Gig of RAM may be supported, DDR-4 RAM currently being the most prevalent type (in 2021). Some panels may be significantly more RAM-supporting.

Form Factor

The form factor consists of a series of specifications which include the board size and shape, mounting hole arrangement, power interface, port type, and location. You should generally select the casing to fit the motherboard rather than the other way around. However, if you have space limits, you must restrict your selections to the case size for which you have room.


The next important aspect you should pay close attention to while looking for Motherboards Online in Australia is none other than the chipset. The chipset works on the motherboard quite well, but certain chipsets are better than others. The chipset cannot be substituted, thus replacing a motherboard is the only method to address the problem caused by a faulty chipset. Read the reviews of other motherboards with the same chipset as yours to discover whether many people have experienced difficulties. This is particularly important for systems other than the Microsoft Windows operating system.

Expansion Slots and Ports

How many slots are provided in each expansion type? Will they be sufficient to satisfy your current and future card requirements? How about supporting Firewire? And has it enough USB ports for all the accessories to be pushed out from, and all the ports and card readers that your case needs to be powered? Are these the newest and biggest USB versions?

Onboard Features

Do you want audio or video integrated? You may save you money by choosing a motherboard with less-than-spectacular integrated audio/video if you do not plan on utilising your computer for graphics, multimedia, or gaming.

SATA Support

Today, SATA is supported by all contemporary motherboards. You have to ensure it supports the quickest SATA standard at the moment you purchase the board and that the motherboard has sufficient SATA headers to be installed on all the drives.

RAID Support

RAID is a collection of protocols for organising numerous disc drives into "arrays" which offer defective tolerance and/or enhance data access rates from hard discs. Many motherboards are equipped with hardware RAID controllers which save you money when you intend to install a RAID add-on controller.

How Much Do They Cost?

The motherboard isn't a place to cut corners and, on average, Motherboards Prices in Australia range somewhere from AUD 23 to AUD 499, depending on its capability. Interestingly enough, Paylessdeal manages to offer a huge range of Australian stores here on this page with the widest variety of motherboards at various prices. Hence, Aussies can easily choose motherboards according to their needs, compare prices from similar stores and buy them without having to spend a fortune. Indeed, a thorough price comparison takes buyers to the lowest possible price, which turns into a huge saving in the end.