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Over the years, Moncler Australia has combined style with constant technological research thanks to experts in the field of activities related to the mountain world. The outwear collections of Moncler Australia is suitable for businesses in nature as for life in the city.

A star of luxury jackets, Moncler is one of the biggest names in fashion, thanks to its concept of fashion and art. Since Moncler is present at Milan Fashion Week, Moncler proves that clothes against the cold and extreme temperatures are trendier than ever.

Moncler – Innovation and Extensions

Innovation and (continuous) evolution, these are the keywords on which the Moncler company has put all its strength. The down jacket designed for high-altitude performance falls between urban streets, continually reinvents itself, adapts to the colours and shapes of the decade that hosts it.

From the uniforms of the French ski school that invade the tracks and the 1968 Olympics to the fashion of the status of the young bakers of the eighties with shimmering colors, shiny nylon and oversized shapes, up to the origins in the 2000s with the entrance on the scene by Remo Ruffini, who took over the brand in 2003 and placed Moncler in the world of luxury.

Born Gamme Rouge, Moncler Gamme Bleu and Grenoble, are not only quilts but refined garments that adapt to the city as the snow-covered dressing more and more a sophisticated audience.

Moncler – Brand History and Overview

The name of Moncler is an abbreviation of Monestier-de-Clermont, a village in the mountains near Grenoble. At first, Moncler manufactured padded sleeping bags, a single model of lined balaclava and tents with a telescopic structure and outer cover. The first quilted jackets were designed to protect workers from the cold. Jackets were put on work overalls in this small mountain company.

The brand initially French become Italian, Moncler surpasses success and dresses parents as their children jackets chic while know-how. Owners of a company of sleeping bags and mountain tents, René Ramillon and André Vincent create Moncler in 1952 and imagine the first garment made from goose down.

 In 1972, the first Moncler jacket made of coloured nylon was voted for by Elle magazine. Today, the brand offers its famous Moncler jackets and Moncler jackets for children and babies, but not only!

In its early days, Moncler sells specialised products for mountain sports, but the meeting with Lionel Terray will quickly change the game and launch Moncler in the creation of clothing. The flagship product of the Moncler brand is it’s famous down jacket that is worn both in the mountains and in the city. Today, Moncler has many boutiques in the largest cities in the world.

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Moncler is a hit with complete collections and jackets that reach peaks of trendiness. In 2003, Remo Ruffini took the helm of the company of which he is currently the president and CEO.

Moncler Australia is recognised for decades as one of the world excellences of the winter clothing sector. It has applied and reinterpreted the concept of brand extension several times in its history.

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