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Moist Diane Australia

The legendary hair care brand Moist Diane Australia that is without a doubt symbol of Perfect Beauty, released in September 2017 and exceeded 1 million products (units) in just ten days! Although the release itself in 2017, its popularity has gained momentum, and from October 2018 Laura's new commercial began to be broadcast on TV, and it became a topic again in 2018.

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Moist Diane hair care series is a non-silicon shampoo containing Moroccan argan oil. It is very popular as a product that realizes excellent foaming, cleansing, and finger passing that overturns the concept of conventional non-silicon shampoo.

Rising Star behind the Brand

Mirei Kiritani is the women behind the brand leading it towards higher success, she was born on December 16th 1989 in Chiba prefecture and made her debut in Movie “Haruno Ibasho” in 2006. After playing her leading role in Ongakujin in May 2010, and also on TV series “Jotei Karouko” in April 2010 she becomes popular in the industry.

She did not limit herself only in the Movies industry as she was also a News anchor and then she decided to bring up the natural botanical Haircare brand which she launched in September 2017, and now all is history.

Natural Ingredients

The organic botanical oil quickly penetrates deep into the hairs. The natural ingredients are the reason behind the success of this brand. Although it’s a Japanese brand due to its natural ingredients and best-quality nourishment of hairs with Organic oil, it is now the leading brand in the haircare market.

The natural and organic ingredients include:

  • Argan oil
  • Coconut oil (Extra Shine)
  • Cupuacu butter oil
  • Sapote oil
  • Marula oil
  • Andiroba oil
  • Mango oil
  • Cactus oil (Extra damage repair)
  • Prune oil
  • Quinoa oil (Extra Straight)
  • Baobab oil

Above all, this Moist Diane Perfect Beauty is organic argan oil with excellent moisturizing power. Because it contains a variety of organically certified oils that have passed strict screening, it is a topical product that will provide you with particularly high-quality moisturizing & hair-growing power.

Moist Diane Top-Rated Products

The following summarizes the characteristics of “extra straight” that cares for swell, “extra damage repair” that repairs damage, and “extra shine” that enhances lustre, and the impressions used.

Extra damage repair

If you want to repair the damaged hair tips and palates with a finish that finishes up to the hair tips, The Extra Damage Repair by Moist Diane is an idol solution for you. The Permanent hair and colouring deeply damaged hair as it repairs your hairs with care, you can feel secure and healthy from the root, without squeaky feeling, and good hair that passes through your fingers. The foaming is excellent, and the washing is light and fluffy.

Extra straight for swell care

Fluffy and supple hair that feels moist even to the hair tips that you do not want to rely on a curling iron, Extra Straight for Swell Care adjusts surface damage, reduces splash and spread, and leads to straight hair.

Extra shine to increase lustre

Shines brightly with Extra shine as it moisturizes hair that feels dry with ultraviolet rays and dryer drying by replenishing and repairing to the inside, it collects light. It backs up the surface reflection of the hair, bringing a shiny lustre to each hair.

If you don't care about your hair damage but feel that you have not enough water, try using this "Extra Shine" from the beginning!

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