Mitsubishi MSZGL60VGDKIT 6kw Inverter Air Conditioner

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Brand:                         Mistubitshi
Model:                         MSZGL60VGDKIT
Cooling Capcity:        6 kW
Heating Capacity:      6.8 kW
Height:                        305 mm
Width:                         923 mm
Depth:                         250 mm
Warranty:                    5 Years

Mitsubishi is basically a Japan-based multinational company known for its incredible electronic equipment such as automobiles, LCD robots, and other products, including air conditioning. The Mitsubishi MSZGL60VGDKIT 6kw Inverter Air Conditioner in Australia is providing easiness for people who had a tough routine to feel relax.


  • Brand: Mitsubishi
  • Model: MSZGL60VGDKIT
  • Kilowatts: 6 kilowatts
  • Cooling Output: 6 kilowatts 
  • Heating Output: 6.8 kilowatts
  • Type: Inverter Split AC
  • Refrigerant: R32


This amazing Split System AC is cost-efficient and totally silent. The purchase of this AC is an efficient and reliable way to keep your home cool and relaxed during the summer. This reverse cycle air- conditioner can be the perfect choice for you with high- speed cooling and heating. Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning comes with the R32 refrigerant which has reduced the impact of heat on the environment and increased energy efficiency, reducing the risk of environmental harm. This AC has a Wi-Fi system as well. This innovation puts your air conditioner at your fingertips with different features. You can turn the AC ON or OFF, change the temperature, change the mode, the ventilator speed and the direction of the airflow.

This AC comes with 6 kilowatts of power along having the smart functions through with you can easily control your AC just using your smartphone which provides much easiness for the user. As we have seen some of its predecessor models just like Mitsubishi MSZGL50VGDKIT 5kw Inverter Air Conditioner.


Mitsubishi air conditioners come with a Wi-Fi control system which makes it easy for the user to modify or operate this AC through your smartphone. They are famous in Australia for their amazing design and specifications. Mitsubishi MSZGL60VGDKIT 6kw Inverter Air Conditioner price in Australia ranges from 1749$ to 1800$ AUD. We have set up several stores where you can compare and purchase this type of AC.