Mitsubishi MSZGL25VGDKIT 2.5kw Inverter Air Conditioner

4/5 $959 - $1,299

Brand:                         Mistubitshi
Model:                         MSZGL25VGDKIT
Cooling Capcity:        3.2 kW
Heating Capacity:      2.5 kW
Height:                        756 mm
Width:                         300 mm
Depth:                         352 mm
Warranty:                    5 Years


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Mitsubishi is basically a Japanese based multinational company which is known for its amazing electrical pieces of equipment such as Cars, Robots LCD and other various products including Air conditions. The Mitsubishi MSZGL25VGDKIT 2.5kw Inverter Air Conditioner in Australia is easily available which provides the best environment for the people of Australia.


  • Brand: Mitsubishi
  • Model: MSZGL25VGDKIT
  • Kilowatts: 2.5 kilowatts
  • Compressor Type: Rotary
  • Cooling Output: 2.5 kilowatts 
  • Heating Output: 3.2 kilowatts
  • Air Conditioner Weight: 10 kg


This AC has the 24-hour function which means that if you like to take a nap to the coolness provided by this kind of air conditioner, and don't want the unit to run all night long, then its 24-hour timer allows you to run the unit in a specific time span to save your bills. The unique Mitsubishi Electric Quick Clean design of this AC allows easy cleaning to remove the front panel and air flow vents that provide free access, including to the fan. Regular indoor cleaning improves performance, reduces energy usage and increases the lifespan of your air conditioner. You can guarantee a super quiet operation below 19dB with this setting. Ideal for the bedroom so that you can have a noise free sleep.

This AC comes with 2.5-kilowatts of power having the weight of 10 kg along having the smart functions such like auto sleep mode which is based on the temperature whenever it meets the optimal temperature it goes into sleep mode and quick clean system. This clean system helps the AC from entering the dust and auto clean the internal system for better performance and cooling. We have seen some of the other portable AC such as Kogan 14,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner (4.1KW, Reverse Cycle).


Mitsubishi Air Conditioners are now getting famous in Australia due to its amazing design and specifications everyone loves to buy this AC. Mitsubishi MSZGL25VGDKIT 2.5kw Inverter Air Conditioner price in Australia ranges from 1100$ to 1200$ AUD. We have enlisted various store from you can compare and purchase this sort of AC.