Mistel Barocco Ergonomic Split Keyboards

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Brand:                         Mistel
Model name:              MD600
Product name:           Barocco
Keyboard layout:       ANSI/ISO
Number of Key:         62/63 KEYS
Keycap:                      PBT keycap
Case colour:              Black or White
Key switch:                Cherry MX switch
LED Backlit:               NO
Marco function:         Yes
Polling Rate:              1000Mhz
Matrix:                         NKRO
Media:                         Yes
Onboard memory:     Yes
Dimension:                 L295.5 X W124.5 XH 39.5 mm
Weight:                       485g

Mistel is a new company which started manufacturing some amazing keyboards such as its new amazing keyboards after that they also start working on power supplies apart from keyboard they also have some of the other amazing products. Mistel Barocco Ergonomic Split Keyboard in Australia is now getting famous.


  • Weight: 413g
  • Keyboard Backlighting: Yes, RGB
  • Wrist rest: None, but it reduces wrist discomfort.
  • Supported: Various OS
  • Keyboard Rollover: NKRO (Full N-Key Rollover)
  • Key switches: Cherry MX Brown
  • Keyboard Software: No


Mistel Barocco isn’t a simple keyboard it is a Split Keyboard. That means that there is a separation in between the keyboard which is designed with the ergonomic considerations to make all the work possible and allowing you to feel more comfortable while during use. It is designed in such a way that it reduces the discomfort of the user while using it.

This isn’t just a simple split keyboard this is some of the amazing keyboards that have the amazing facility that provides the user to allow the modification as user needs. There is a blank key which is provided in the keyboard on which user can add any short key for their easiness. This keyboard also comes with the RGB backlights that enhance the beauty of the keyboard. The lights coming from the keyboard makes it more beautiful and attractive to use with style. It is designed in such a way that makes it more beautiful and easy to carry with. If you are going on a trip, then this will be the best option which reduces the size and gives the same full functioned keyboard facility.

Mistel Barocco Ergonomic Split Keyboard Price

We have many keyboards but Mistel manufactures the split keyboard that will be used easily. Mistel Barocco Ergonomic Split Keyboard in Australia is approximately 232$ AUD. We have enlisted various stores from where you can easily buy of your own choice.