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A small thing, without which the implementation of mass events would be impossible, singing in front of the audience would not sound at all, and no speeches to the crowds would not be heard. Of course, we are talking about a microphone, a small electronic device on which the success of virtually any stage enterprise depends.

As you can see, this is an essential and necessary thing, and practically most people don't know much about it. Microphones in Australia is also used by various online streamers who love to stream their games. There is a wide range of microphones available on the internet.

History of Microphones

The microphone is an invention from the first half of the 19th century. Charles Wheatstone and his patent of 1827 are believed to be the father of this sound system, although the first microphones called acid microphones did not go into service until the 1870s. They were used in emerging telephony, and the name was taken from the fact that their spire was moving in dilute acid. The next microphones were carbon microphones constructed by Thomas Edison.

The acid was replaced with carbon granules. Most often, they were used on the first phones. They distorted the sound very much, their processing range was very narrow, but they did not break down and served for a long time. Of course, one cannot talk about stage applications in their case.

Microphones that resemble those still used for performances in front of a broad audience were created in the 1930s. They are called dynamic, and the creators are WC Venetian and AC Thuras. The gentlemen developed the first magnetoelectric microphone, in which between the poles of the permanent magnet was a coil attached to the membrane. Sound waves moved the coil in a magnetic field and thus induced current. Dynamic microphones are still used today with some improvements and modifications.

Types of Microphones

USB microphones are a great option; they are ideal for podcasting applications or recording high-quality sound directly to a computer or digital audio workstation. In this category, you will also find perfect microphones for players who like to play online games. Dedicated USB microphones provide very high sound quality and excellent readability of the human voice, which does not mix with the sounds of the game.

What's more, they guarantee their low noise as well as high dynamics. USB microphones are compatible with computers based on Windows and Mac OS.X. Operating systems, and connect to the computer via a USB port in Plug & Play mode. Other microphones that are worth recommending from our offer are condenser microphones.

They are characterized by natural sound throughout the frequency and resistance to acoustic feedback. They are resistant to vibrations and high levels of sound pressure. These are the most top-quality microphones, definitely recommended for professional purposes.

It is also worth mentioning our tube microphones that have tube amplifiers. It is a perfect combination of high-class electronics with tubes, which gives low noise, silky sound, and comprehensive frequency response. Tube microphones are ideal for studio equipment that meets all, even the exorbitant requirements of sound engineers.

To meet the needs of all users, we have also added headphones and conference microphones, equipment necessary for the work of an announcer or interpreter to our microphone collection. These are the best speech processing devices, compact, solidly made, working both in-studio and on the ground. They are not susceptible to feedback and do not distort the sound, and their precise design allows many years of use.

Where to buy

Whether you are an online streamer or a single who loves to sing, you need a good microphone with a noise cancellation feature. Here below we have enlisted in a few stores where you can find a wide range of cheap microphones on sales. You can easily place the order of your favorite microphone along with their accessories and can buy microphones online at the lowest rates.