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"When it comes to choosing microphones for recording sessions and other jobs, it entirely depends on a solid knowledge of types and features".

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ModMic GDL-1420 UNI Mute Switch


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Microphones play a vital role in many places and do many jobs for many people around the globe. You can find a massive range of Microphones in Australia with different types, characteristics, and features, so it’s a bit mandatory to buy the right one for the job at hand.

It is not always straightforward to know what you want and how to buy the right mic. For various implementations, there are varying specifications. However, it is possible to know how the right microphone can be purchased for each job by looking closely at what it takes and then adapting the features to the various microphone styles.

Types of Microphones

It’s important to summarise the multiple types of microphones to get an idea of which one you actually need. Some of the most commonly and widely used microphones are as follow:

  • Dynamic Microphones

Dynamic microphones play an important role when it comes to PA and Stage Vocals. They are outstanding in terms of design and are capable enough to manage all the rough situations with ease. Dynamic microphones can withstand high levels of sound without interference. Usually, they have high reliability and a relatively high degree of production and don’t need an internal pre-amplifier and thus no fantastic power demand.

  • Condenser Microphones

Another important type to look for when looking for Microphones Online in Australia is Condenser or Capacitor. One can use such microphones for both vocal and instrumental high-quality audio. It doesn’t accept overload and demands extra power both for adding a bias to the condenser and also for the required pre-amplifier. Moreover, they are not sturdy like dynamic microphones. Generally speaking, the output impedance is low for longer, leading to usage.

  • Crystal Microphones

If you are looking for Cheap Microphones Online, crystal microphones have got you covered with their affordable price tag and exceptional output voltage at a high impedance. However, these microphones are mostly at the bottom of the market because they give no specific broad frequency response and they aren’t commonly used today due to their high impedance.

  • USB Microphones

It is not a really different kind of microphone. They also use a condenser but have a digital converter preamp and analog preamp and a USB port, allowing the signal to directly connect to a sound recording machine. A number of microphones are available, from comparatively cheap to expensive. There are some very fine microphones that can provide exceptional voice and instrument records.

Microphone Price

Typically, Microphones Prices in Australia range between AU$27 to AU$79 on average – but highly admirable brands may cost buyers a whopping AU$399 or more. We understand very much the worth of well-recognised brands and their products’ lives in Australia – therefore, we have listed above different original branded microphones in one place. So, if you are looking for genuine microphones from different brands, this is the right place to explore the collection. Moreover, all the above brands and stores enable you to compare the prices and choose your favourite product from one of the finest online stores at the best possible prices.