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Ray-Ban Injected Unisex Square Sunglasse...


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Motorcycle Riding Glasses Padded Frame L...


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Suncloud Torque Photochromic S-TOPHTGYMS...


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Mryok Polarized Replacement Lenses for O...


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Polarized Replacement Lenses For-Bose Al...


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RB3026 Aviator Large Metal II Sunglasses...


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Carrera Topcar 1 KB0-PT Shiny Black Red...


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Polarized Night Vision Goggles Fit Over...


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CNYE Polarized Sports Sunglasses for Men...


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Blue Light Blocking Glasses Kids, Square...


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GloFX Heart Effect Diffraction Glasses -...


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Polarized Sports Sunglasses 100% Uv400 P...


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Polarized Fit Over Size Large - Black


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Stylle Polarized Classic Aviator Gunmeta...


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A sunshine means you will be needing a pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes. Sunglasses don’t only protect your eyes but also one of a few accessories that boost your style and make you look cooler. But which one to get your hands on? It’s not less than a tricky question! Well, we have come up with quite a few important tips that may help you figure out how to buy men’s sunglasses that won’t only protect your eyes but also flatter your face.

Choose a Frame


A face with a broad forehead and a perfect jawline will look perfect with rounded sunglasses. Go for the Mens Sunglasses in Australia like classic wayfarer sunglasses that are fairly straight across with rounded bottom edges and top edges.


A sunglass like Aviator with heavier toward the bottom edge will look good on a face with a wide forehead and a narrow chin. Here on this single page, you can find a vast range of aviator sunglasses in plastic as well as metal frames to choose from.


A pair of wrap sunglasses can look good on a long and narrow face. The strong, wide selection of wrap sunglasses shortens the long face and adds to the modern style, which is just as appropriate for two sports sunglasses as for lounging by the pool.


A round face with a pair of rectangular or square sunglasses may look leaner. When you have the round head, you'll want to make sure your men's shades are the right width as they might cause your face to look heavy if they're too small.


The oval face is somewhat wider on the jawline than on the temples and provides a design flattered by almost no frames. If you have an oval face, you can choose style sunglasses or sports sunglasses.


Measurements of men's sunglasses are often measured in millimeters in three numbers. The first is one lens size, the second is the bridge width over the nose, and the third is the length of the arm. The calculation may look as follows: 56 – 18 – 130.

Look for Size

Divide the nose bridge width from the total width and then divide the lens width in half to get the shaded lens width.

Use tape or a ruler and stand in front of a mirror to find the right style men's sunglass for you. Measure your face's broadest part first. Then measure the width of your nose bridge to meet the middle number.

Choose a Style

You will find men's shades that suit your face once you have decided the length of your sunglasses. Yet note that a millimeter isn't very high, so don't worry if the pair you want varies from the measurement you've come up with one or two millimeters.

Eye Protection

Protection from UVA/UVB

Sunglasses are being used to protect the vision against the ultraviolet rays of the sun, so ensure that you pick a couple that has UVB coverage between 95 and 99% and at least 60% UVA protection. Most sunglasses are entirely protected against UV, but you will always want to check twice to be sure. Though UVB and UVA protection sunglasses are a little expensive than the others but you can get an advantage of Cheap Mens Sunglasses for Sale to save significantly.

Lens Colour

Although the colour of your sunglasses mainly represents your individual style, the colour that you choose will affect the colour you look at when you wear them, so you should consider it when it comes to buying. The men's gray or green sunglasses are suitable for riding, while the amber and brown lenses block the white light and make sunglasses good for sports


Polarised sunglasses are ideal when it comes to preventing the glare, which happens when sunlight reflects off the water or the street. Polarized sunglasses are one of the best options for sports sunglasses because they can lead to improving efficiency when boating, biking, or running.

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