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The men's clutches are the accessory that makes the difference in protecting essential and precious objects. No more rummaging through your bag for hours, use our timeless and functional pouches to find your way more easily.   The clutch is an accessory often associated with the universe of the woman, however, for a while, there are various models adapted to the men, and this for various needs. Mens Clutches in Australia are readily available online at Paylessdeal.com. Here we have mentioned several stores from where you can find the best men clutches for yourself. There is a wide range of men's clutches available online.

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The choice of your men's clutches depends in the first place on the use you want to make of it: a sports or travel bag does not have the same use as a clutch. Apart from this functional aspect, which defines the shape of your bag, several options are available to you depending on the style you want to wear.

Price and Availability

The men's clutch is a classic in the world of handbags and other accessories. Simple and efficient, it is ideal for all those who like the combination of practicality and discretion. Often small in size, the men's pouch is useful for everyday use to store everything you need, from the wallet to the hat or sunglasses.  Mens Clutches price in Australia ranges from 15 to 500 AUD.  These men's clutches are available in various materials such as leather or synthetic, the men's clutch comes in various forms and allows you to play the card of elegance or casual. Take your men's pouch everywhere, after squash or just when you go for a walk with your partner on weekends.

How to Select Men Clutches?

The two main selection criteria to select the men's clutches are the material and the color. Leather remains the best possible choice to complete a neat outfit, with raw jeans and a blazer or jacket. For a more streetwear looks, a camouflage print model or a denim bag will complement any outfit perfectly with loose jeans, sneakers, and a sweatshirt.

Although it has a feminine connotation, its use is spreading more and more among the male gender, and to choose the right clutch, it is important to pay attention to certain criteria:

A Masculine Aspect

In order to preserve the masculine aspect of the product, the pouch must be large enough to contain your belongings, whether they are working documents or any other supplies you want to carry (tablet, telephone, keys). Do not choose it too big either, a medium-size will be ideal for this type of accessory.

The Colour

Generally, men tend to go for colors with classic and natural tones like black, blue, brown, beige, or gray. Tones that adapt to different neat clothing styles. To avoid any feminine reference, bright colors such as pink or mauve should be avoided.


The material is one of the criteria to take into consideration when it comes to choosing your men's clutch. Clutches popular with women are often made from smooth materials like silk or faux leather. Men will prefer more virile materials. It is therefore strongly recommended to choose a pouch made of leather or heavy canvas.


The shape of the pouch is a crucial element of your purchase, it is absolutely essential to take a rectangular and large shape so forget about the flared and rounded shapes which are very feminine. More and more brands are offering men's pouches that often look like a portfolio or tablet case. They are often in leather and printed with patterns bearing the image of the brand or more discreet. Some brands even make it a luxury product.


Men's Clutches online in Australia vary depending on the brand that offers the pouch, there are very qualified entry-level brands that could satisfy you without breaking the bank, mid-range brands, and luxury brands. The men's satchel has made a comeback and that is why we offer you a wide choice of pouches and saddlebags.

And because all of you are very demanding and you each have your own tastes, we offer a multitude of small bags and bag man for all styles, so you can all find one of your dreams: leather satchel man, wallet shoulder strap or even men's shoulder bag, it's up to you!

If you swear by the brand bags, you'll be pleased to discover that our whole selection of man bags offers only brand bags and wallets. Calvin Klein, Arthur & Aston, and many others. Whatever your tastes, you will inevitably find the men's clutches or pouch that suits you and that will make you fall in love. Whether it is as a gift or simply to treat yourself with a branded bag, do not wait any longer to discover our entire selection of men's bags and clutches.