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Meizu Australia

Meizu brand was founded in 2003 and headquartered in Zhuhai, China. Meizu company manufactures smartphones with great care and designed to provide a simple and intuitive mobile experience for people who should spend time using their devices, rather than determining how to use them. In the early days Meizu manufactures the MP players and released their first MP4 player in 2006 which comes under the name of M6 mini Player. In 2007 the company built its Meizu M8, which is the first smartphone of the brand.

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Meizu expanded into the smartphone market in 2008 and has since committed to developing high-end smartphones. Meizu remains focused on developing innovative, consumer-friendly smartphones. With more than 4,000 employees and 1,000 retail stores, the company has established a global presence of Meizu stores in Australia, India, Italy, France, and many other countries.

Various Meizu Smartphone Series:

Till now, Meizu brand has launched several smartphones which overcome the market with their fantastic shape and specifications. Here below, we have mentioned different popular series of Meizu smartphones.

  • Meizu MX Series
  • Meizu Pro Series
  • Meizu M Series
  • Meizu U Series
  • Meizu Note Series

Flyme OS:

Meizu smartphone uses the Flyme firmware, which is specially designed for the Meizu Android-based smartphones. This firmware sometimes is also known as mBack which is used explicitly for the Meizu smartphones. The initial version of the Flyme firmware 1.0 was used in the Meizu MX smartphone having an android version of a 4.0 sandwich.

While the second version of Flyme firmware 2.0 was used in Meizu MX 2 smartphone. Later in the next model, which was Meizu, MX3 uses the 3.0 firmware. And now Meizu uses the latest android version along with the newest firmware version which is used in Meizu 16s. This latest smartphone of Meizu in Australia is on sale now you can purchase it from various online stores.

Meizu Sale Australia:

Although the company was originated in China, people are loving and buying this smartphone from all over the globe. Meizu in Australia is also getting famous as the company is now serving its products to the natives of Australia, not only this Meizu smartphone in India is also attracting the customer due to their mid-range smartphones. The brand focus on building a mid-range smartphone, which is easy to purchase for everyone.

Meizu phones are characterised by their lightweight and comfortable design, exceptional sound quality, high definition camera, and elegant and straightforward user interface, which combine the performance, ease of use and functional sustainability needed to survive the human experience.