When it comes to buying a Maxkon ovens Australia, it is not only necessary to look at the brand and the price, it is also necessary to take into account the functions. This appliance is almost essential, as it helps us to heat food, and in other cases, we can even use it for cooking.

Here below, we expose some aspects that we must value, to buy the microwave oven that is best for us.

Size: In this aspect, it is necessary to measure the space where we are going to place it, so as not to buy something that will not fit.

Capacity: The capacity of most of these appliances is measured in litres and ranges typically from 17 to 40. In this case, we must think about the size of the dishes and containers in which we are going to heat food. For one person or couple, one from 17 to 23 litres is sufficient.

Power: The label reports on energy efficiency. It has a classification that goes from letter A to G. It is best to choose one that has a label A, B or C because if not, you run the risk of increasing the collection of the electricity bill without noticing it. Some ovens have cooking sensors that measure the vapours and make the food cook at the exact point.

Furnace types

Conventional: They are those with the most basic functions, and that help us to warm up, coffee, milk or food from the previous day. Also, they serve to defrost food or prepare pre-cooked dishes.

Grill microwave: It has the functions of the microwave and the oven. In this oven, you can prepare food and give it a crisp and golden touch.

Convection oven: You can practically do everything in them. They are a good investment if you will use it for cooking frequently. Some high-end brands prepare foods with three functions at the same time: cooking on the inside and leaving crispy on the outside. It is known as microwave cooking, convection, and grilling. Everything cooks faster than conventional ovens.

Buy Best Maxkon Ovens in Australia

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