Maui Jim sunglasses were named after the owner’s name. Maui Jim was born in 1980, having a small business of selling sunglasses in Maui. Seeing that the market needed technology that could protect your eyes from harmful UV rays while bringing the beautiful colours of our island to life.

So, he decided to make some classy sunglasses which can add style and protect your eyes in a modern way. Maui Jim Sunglasses in Australia is also famous as many people wear them while having a sunbath in the beaches, which keeps their eyes safe from the ultraviolet rays and sun rays.

Price and Availability

The Maui Jim sunglasses brand was created in the 80s in Hawaii. At that time, the founders wanted to meet a need by developing a polarizing glass capable of effectively filtering the dazzling rays of the sun. With these sunglasses, experience the real colours of life and make it clear and precise.

The Maui Jim sunglasses are available in various design having robust and flexible frames which are thin and light and more comfortable. The cost of these sunglasses depends upon the type and design of the frame and lens.

In general, Maui Jim Sunglasses price in Australia ranges from 100 to 800 AUD.


Maui Jim sunglasses are above all sunglasses of unrivalled quality and technology. All lenses are polarized and protect you from UV rays whether you are on a sandy beach, in the high mountains or simply walking the streets of a city.

Imagine yourself under the Australian shores taking a sunbath, and protecting your eyes to give you bright and brilliant colours that make your eyes blink.

These glasses are lightweight and made up from nylon frame, which adds comfort while you are wearing them. These super thing mineral lenses are made up of the best and high-quality lenses which add clarity to your vision.

The Maui Jim sunglasses are durable due to their scratch-resistant lenses which are 20 to 30 per cent thinner and lighter than any ordinary lenses. So if you are looking to buy Maui Jim Sunglasses, we have enlisted a few stores from where you can easily purchase these sunglasses at a reasonable price range.