Mac has always been a benchmark in terms of design and efficiency with its programs, but for decades it has had the stigma that if you want to play the best thing is to buy a system with Windows or a console. Macintosh Games in Australia is also popular among the gaming community who are keen to play games and stream them on social platforms. Well a wide range of Macintosh games are readily available online in stores.

Price and Availability

Apple products are not the first thing that comes to mind when you think "gamer." That said, Macs can still boast impressive performance despite lower specs than similarly priced standard PCs (we easily got Fortnite running on a variety of Apple machines). There is also no shortage of great games that MacOS support. Here above we have enlisted various stores from where you can buy the best Macintosh games right now. In general Macintosh price in Australia ranges from $100 to $500 AUD.

Can Macintosh be used for gaming?

The main problem of Mac with video games is that the big developers choose to use DirectX , a library for multimedia development specialized in video games and owned by Microsoft. Developing Mac-compatible titles requires free libraries such as OpenGL, although its use considerably increases costs by having less optimized tools.

Despite these complications, Apple has managed to bring quality games to its systems at a slow but steady pace. Today it is easy to find more video games than a decade ago and even some like The Sims 2 or World of Tanks are very popular.

Gamer is an abstract concept that refers to a specific group of players, we could say that they are those who have a great love for video games. They have great experience in many titles and they like the challenges within them. The companies that develop games for gamers invest significant amounts of money to achieve fun gameplay and state-of-the-art graphics. Sometimes making Mac-compatible titles is out of the budget of companies. Despite this, there are many developers who are committed to bringing their titles to Mac.

Which Mac Games can you play on Macintosh?

Blizzard is one of the most important companies for PC, video games such as Diablo, World of Warcraft or Starcraft are known to any player, games that have always been synonymous with success and quality. One of Blizzard's policies has been to release its cross-platform products for Mac and Windows.

Although unfortunately, its latest franchise Overwatch has broken the trend of going out on Mac. The valve is another company that has opted for Apple computers. In 2010 it announced the launch of all its compatible games on Steam for Mac. Currently, you can enjoy Counter-Strike, Half-Life, L4D, Portal and many more. The problem with Valve is that with the passage of time it has stopped announcing new games although many of its followers still hope for the launch of Half-Life 3.

Electronic Arts have brought games like Dragon Age, Spore, The Sims or Fifa. Activision has done the same with its most important franchise, Call of Duty. League of Legend or Fortnite is other examples of successful video games for Macintosh. You can even play renowned indies like Rogue Legacy, This War of Mine, Zombie Night Terror or Deponia, an exciting graphic adventure developed by a Spanish team.

The downside of playing on Mac is that the most demanding titles require more expensive components than their Windows equivalents, but there are always options to play on computers. The App Store contains thousands of games, both free and paid. Most titles are designed for iPhone and iPad so an average computer can make them work without difficulties. The mechanics of these video games are simplified to be able to play from a touch screen and they usually offer short games but they are totally enjoyable on any portable or desktop device.

What is the future of Macintosh video games

One of the big bets for the future of Mac is Apple Arcade, it is a subscription service to enjoy games for mobile phones, computers and television. It will be available from autumn. With this movement, Apple intends to break into the world of video games making it clear that a Mac also serves to enjoy them. The initial catalogue will feature more than 100 exclusive titles, some developed by industry geniuses such as Hironobu Sakaguchi, Ken Wong or Will Wright.

Apple Arcade will compete directly with similar services such as Playstation Now, Nvidia Geforce Now or Xbox Game Pass. Nvidia Geforce Now is compatible with Mac and possibly other cloud streaming services like Playstation Now will be in the future. The biggest drawback with this technology is that they are at a very early stage of development. Games that require speed and precision have a slight lag that can frustrate gamers.

Remember that in cloud stream technology, when we press a key, the information travels to a distant server that executes the function and returns a response to the application, showing the result on the screen. The speed of this response is what companies are trying to fix.

In conclusion, today you can enjoy great video games on Mac and in the future, the catalogue will grow exponentially. The new Apple Arcade will provide exclusive titles and large companies will continue to bet on Mac as long as users continue to demand their works. Although there is still a long way to go.