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Lotus Australia

Lotus Savoury Yeast Flakes 100...

$ 11.90

Lotus Savoury Yeast Flakes 200...

$ 20.90

Lotus Psyllium Husks 98 Shaker...

$ 9.90

Lotus Texture Soy Protein TVP...

$ 5.30

Lotus Psyllium Husk 98 200gm

$ 8.80

Lotus Granulated Yeast 100gm

$ 4.40

Lotus Whey Powder 500gm

$ 7.20

Lotus Buttermilk Powder 250gm

$ 9.95

Lotus LSA Meal 750gm

$ 14.30

Lotus Semolina Coarse 500gm

$ 6.60

Lotus Seed Tapioca 375g

$ 4.95

Lotus Potato Starch GF 1kg

$ 9.90

Lotus Organic Brown Rice Flour...

$ 8.90

Lotus Organic Hulled Millet 50...

$ 7.60

Lotus Organic Oat Groats 500gm

$ 7.75

Lotus Organic Rye Flakes 250gm

$ 5.20

Lotus Celtic Sea Salt Coarse 5...

$ 6.60

Lotus Organic Quinoa Flour 500...

$ 10.90

Lotus Organic Rye Flour 1kg

$ 10.90

Lotus Organic Golden Linseed 5...

$ 9.90

Lotus Organic Potato Starch GF...

$ 12.95

Lotus Organic Traditional Roll...

$ 11.30

Lotus Organic Quinoa Grain 600...

$ 9.40

Lotus Organic Puffed Brown Ric...

$ 7.80

Lotus Organic White Flour Unbl...

$ 9.90

Lotus Organic Chia Seeds Black...

$ 12.90

Lotus Rolled Rice Flakes 500gm

$ 7.15

Lotus Baking Powder GF 125g

$ 6.60

Lotus Slippery Elm Bark Powder...

$ 22.50

Lotus Polenta 500gm

$ 4.90

Lotus Slippery Elm Bark Powder...

$ 38.90

Lotus Organic Raw Almonds GF 1...

$ 8.80

For 30 years, Lotus has been a source of local and global ingredients to provide you with healthier options. Lotus Pantry usually manufactured a healthier product such as quinoa flakes, raw wheat germs, gluten-free, paraben-free and GMO-free organic popcorns.

All the products of Lotus Pantry Australia are packed in Melbourne, which makes sure the quality of the product remains the same. In addition, Lotus products are wrapped in environmentally friendly containers and bags.

These bags are sealable to keep everything fresh, while bottled products, such as apple cider vinegar, come with a spiral cover and are recycled. The most sold products of the brand include salted yeast chips which are an excellent cheese alternative for vegetables.

We have mentioned all the products offered by the brand, and you can buy them easily from the below-mentioned stores at a reasonable price range. Lotus products price in Australia ranges from 5 to 50 AUD depending on what kind of product you are looking for.

What products are offered by Lotus?

If you are wondering about what kind of products you can buy from this brand, let us help you. This brand sells certified organic products which include beverages and breakfast food. Apart from that, jam, Spread, and desserts are also one of popular products.

People who love to have a sauce with their meals can also have various types of sauce and snacks. In terms of supplements, the brand also offers a wide range of vitamins and food supplements which 100 percent gluten-free and are the best certified organic choice for you.