Logitech K780 Multi Device Wireless Keyboards

4/5 $85 - $85

Brand:                                 Logitech
Colour:                                Black
Dimensions:                      (H)2.2 x (W)38.0 x (D)15.8
Connectivity:                     Bluetooth
Logitech Easy-Switch:      Yes
Logitech PerfectStroke:    Yes
Manufacturer Warranty:    1 Year
Powered By:                       2 x AAA
Android :                             Yes
iOS:                                      Yes
macOS:                                Yes
Windows:                            Yes
Backlit Keyboard:               Yes
Media Keys:                         Yes
Numeric Keypad:                Yes

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Logitech K780 Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard


Logitech has manufactured some of the amazing products which we have seen in the past few years, it made its name in the market. Logitech is one of the most popular brands which is known for its amazing products such as mobile phone and computers peripheral devices. It develops some of the amazing devices such as a mouse, keyboard, Bluetooth speakers, and many other devices.  Logitech Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard in Australia is easily available you can buy it from the various stores as mentioned below.

Logitech k780 Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard Specifications

  • Weight: 875g
  • Keyboard Backlighting: No
  • Key switches: Logitech Perfect Stroke
  • Wireless: Yes
  • Keyboard Rollover: No
  • Wrist rest: None
  • Supported: Various OS
  • Software: Logitech Software


If you are thinking this is an ordinary keyboard just like other keyboards, then might be you are wrong. This isn’t an ordinary keyboard it’s an amazing smart keyboard which comes with some amazing technologies like you can switch to various devices for typing simultaneously.

This is one of the best extra slim wireless and silent keyboards which provides user stability, efficiency and more precision to their work. It is designed in such a way that it reduces keystroke noise up to some extent which makes it best silent keyboard. As It is wireless so you don’t have to worry about the wires anymore just connect it using the Bluetooth and enjoy it also provides a solution for those devices who don’t have Bluetooth they can use the USB dongle to connect. It comes with multi devices and multiple operating systems support to type with easiness.

As it is also known as with another name called Multi-Device Wireless keyboard its name itself telling us the main feature of it lets suppose you are using your laptop and your mobile at the same time and find a difficulty to manage both at the same time then this is the best keyboard for your solution. It comes with multiple OS support you can just switch from one device to another to start typing. This is one of the most fascinating technologies presented by Logitech. It also has a stand where you can adjust the devices for the better experience. Logitech is keeping manufacturing amazing technologies like before it introduces the Logitech Craft Wireless keyboard which was loved by the audience.

Logitech k780 Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard Price

Logitech K780 is one of the best wireless keyboards with some of the amazing technology to control and switch through various devices. Logitech k780 Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard Price in Australia is approximately 112$ AUD. We have enlisted various stores from where you can easily buy of your own choice. This is one of the finest keyboard ever made.