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Only Play Women's ONPCLARISA L...

$ 40.69

Loft Ballet Flat No Show Sock...

$ 12.50

Loft Lou Grey Ponte Leggings

$ 49.50

Loft Chain Link Necklace

$ 19.88

Loft Modern Pull Through Hoop...

$ 16.88

Loft Petite Lou Grey Fearless...

$ 39.88

Loft Petite Lou Grey Leopard P...

$ 24.88

Loft Petite Lou Grey Dip Dye T...

$ 19.88

Loft The Maternity Kick Crop J...

$ 89.50

Loft Lou Grey Tie Dye Bike Sho...

$ 19.88

Loft Lou Grey Leopard Print Hi...

$ 19.88

Loft Lou Grey Star Bike Shorts

$ 19.88

Loft Lightweight Sculpt Leggin...

$ 24.88

Loft Medium Hoop Earrings

$ 29.95

Loft Cateye Reading Glasses

$ 34.50

Loft Scrunchie Headband Set

$ 5.88

Loft Sherpa Buckle Sandals

$ 19.88

Loft Chelsea Booties

$ 109.88

Loft Modern Plaid Wrap

$ 19.88

Loft Tall High Rise Skinny Jea...

$ 79.95

Loft Tall Curvy Chewed Hem Mid...

$ 64.99

Loft High Waist Sculpt Jegging...

$ 39.88

Loft Striped Zip Tunic Sweater

$ 69.99

Loft Checked Ponte Leggings

$ 24.88

Loft Cozy Herringbone Coat

$ 84.88

Loft VNeck Tunic Top

$ 19.88

Loft Curvy Straight Corduroy P...

$ 24.88

Loft Tall Ribbed Ponte Legging...

$ 24.88

Loft Shimmer Pajama Set

$ 36.88

Loft Pearlized Celestial Chain...

$ 16.88

Loft Celestial Chain Ring Set

$ 12.88

Loft Clog Booties

$ 99.88

LOFT is a subsidiary brand of ANN corporation which was established in 1998 and now has more than 650 factory outlets stores all around the world. Loft Store in Australia is also a well-known store, which offers the best outfits. LOFT manufactures its products according to the latest trend and has a wide range of women clothing, with the best design and style.

From the essentials to everyday trends, LOFT regularly offers perfect sets and pieces at an incredible price that allows you to dress effortlessly. You can buy various products of Loft sale in Australia at reasonable prices from their website or online retailers. These are many styles that reflect the world you live in. Beyond the needs of women in clothing, LOFT creates authentic and last longing relationship with their customers which is the underlying agenda of the brand to make their customer happy and provide them with the best quality product.

Difference between Loft and Ann Taylor

If you've ever been baffled by the difference between Ann Taylor and the Loft company, then you're not alone. However, there are very relevant differences and owned by the same company, which is ANN. Now known as the "Loft," Ann Taylor Loft was launched in 1983 with a slightly different business.

The company Ann adapts the Ann Taylor brand to a woman between the ages of 30 and 40, who can be a mother and certainly work. A Wall Street Journal article said to this woman: "He leads a busy and sophisticated life, and his idea of dressing at work is to wear a velvet jacket with jeans." While for the Ann Taylor Loft, its target customers are for the businesswoman of age below than 30.

So how do these differences develop? Ann Taylor Loft wears more casual, fashion-centric clothing. This theoretically attracts a younger woman. Also, the price is lower than that of the Ann Taylor brand. Again, it should be more appealing to women who are just starting their careers. Ann Inc. describes the Loft brand as "accessible, versatile and affordable clothing with a flattering fit."

Whereas for Ann Taylor brand, it attracts the most established and high-level professional women with luxurious materials that should typically be sent to dry cleaners. Ann Taylor clothing also tends to be soft and extremely durable. Cashmere and silk are featured in many of Ann Taylor's clothes. Elegant sophistication defines the Ann Taylor brand.

Produces a High-Quality Product

Quality is one of the characteristics defined by the Ann Taylor brand. When a customer buys a single piece or blouse that they love, the high-quality structure and fabrics must allow clothing to stand the test of time. Ann Taylor Loft in Australia is offering various high-quality materials that are designed by experienced designed according to the latest trends.

The quality of Ann Taylor's clothing lies not only in the construction and fabric but also in the precision of the sizes and the universally flattering adjustments. As with any brand, not all clothing will favour everyone. However, Taylor ensures that the necessary pieces and most of her pieces will flatter almost all women.