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The Loewe firm is known worldwide, and articles (items) of the brand are highly demanded by notable characters, celebrities and members of the royal houses of different countries. Loewe Australia is, therefore, synonymous with sophistication and elegance. Something he has achieved thanks to his tremendous experience in the luxury market forged for no less than three centuries.

Brand Overview

The creator of Loewe is Enrique Loewe Rosberg, a craftsman who stood out in Spain at the end of the 19th century attracted by the climate, customs and gastronomy of the peninsula, but above all by the way the leather and skin of Spanish artisans work.

That is why Loewe worked as an apprentice in a leather goods store to learn Spanish techniques. This is how in 1892 he opened his first store in Madrid, already aimed at luxury items made by hand, and began to have clients from the Spanish upper classes who did not hesitate to buy some of their things to show off at social meetings and other events.

Royalty Provider

Although the firm was already well on track and was having significant benefits, in 1905, King Alfonso XII appointed the official supplier brand of the Royal House, which was a considerable push throughout the country, making its products synonymous with the highest luxury at the height of the kings.

International expansion

In later years, Loewe opened stores in numerous Spanish cities, considerably increasing its sales. Soon it began to be also known in other countries that admired the accessories and bags of premium leather of the brand when they knew about them. Taking advantage of this interest, in 1963 the firm decided to open its first store abroad, in London, and since then its growth has been unstoppable.

In the 70s personalities from the world of cinema, politics, art and culture proudly sported the articles of the firm. Ava Gardner or Ryta Hayworth was two lovers of the brand and wearing their products became the best Loewe ambassadors in the world.

Fashion raid

Until then Loewe stood out for its incredible handbags and artisan accessories, but in the 70s he decided to go one step further and start designing women's fashion and perfumes, resulting in a success. Whatever thing the brand touches becomes luxury and where ever the products reach, it just touches the people’s heart with such an excellent build quality and material.

A few decades later, top models such as Claudia Shiffer or Linda Evangelista paraded Loewe's clothes on the best and most recognised international catwalks.

Great designers

Although the Loewe team was initially anonymous and launched the articles only using the name of the firm, over time, it was incorporating designers who after growing through the brand were growing in prestige and recognition.

In that sense, tremendous and designers like Armani, Lagerfeld, or Narciso Rodríguez have passed through the ranks of Loewe. One of them, Darío Rossi, gave the firm one of its global icons in 1975, the Amazona bag, still in high demand by premium customers.

Loewe stands out for a classic and elegant style that has adapted to the times. In that sense, the key to its success is to have managed to extend the age of its clientele, and also capture the interest of younger customers.

A clear example is the adaptation of its products, such as the Amazona bag, to the current times. This complement is a favourite among all types of clients, either among the most mature, who opt for designs similar to the traditional style or among the youngest, who opt for this model but made with new and innovative materials and with the latest trends in colours.

Loewe is a modern brand, the result of a long evolution, which has adapted to each era without ever losing the essence of tradition and artisanal elaboration.

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The brand was famous worldwide for its luxury items back in 19’s, and still, in 2019, the brand worth’s is much more increased. Today almost every person is fond of this brand and mostly prefers to buy Loewe products just because of its quality and material.

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