Lifespan is a world-leading North American brand in the development of TREADMILL and Exercise Bikes. Paylessdeal brings it exclusively to Australia to bring physical activity and wellness to your workplace. Quiet treadmills and bikes with sleek, well-finished counters that roll out easily in your home or office, with full backrest.

The benefits of incorporating this equipment into your life can be more than one: improving mental clarity, stimulating creativity, increasing productivity, while benefiting health and fitness.

Lifespan C3i Exercise Bike

2097/5000 The C3i upright bike resembles a standard road or mountain bike with a smaller footprint than a recumbent bike. With 19 seating positions, this bike is perfect for riders of any height. The heavily padded seat makes longer trips more comfortable and accommodates passengers weighing up to 181.4 kilograms. 10.2 cm by 7 cm colour LCD console displays workout time, distance, calories burned, and more. From the console, you can also select one of 17 preset workout programs that include weight management, healthy living, and home workout programs.

Supreme components for lasting fitness

Ultimate components for long-lasting fitness. Superior hardware translates directly into higher-calibre, longer-lasting products. The C3i's improved drive system fully demonstrates lifeSpan's dedication to quality. Engineered to last for years, a commercial bottom bracket with oversized bearings and rugged cast-metal components make the C3i quiet, reliable and durable.

The padded seat has 19 height adjustment adjustments to ensure a perfect fit and comfortable ride. The settings range from 76 cm to 104 cm, from the top of the seat to the fully extended pedal, and are compatible with most users from 152.4 cm to 203.2 cm in height.

Programs tailored to your needs

Guiding you to your ideal health and fitness, the C3i comes with 21 easy-to-navigate exercise programs. Designed by exercise physiologists to accelerate your progress, these safe and effective regimens help you master your cardiovascular fitness, improve your health, and burn fat.

LifeSpan C3-DT3 Bicycle Desk Base + Console

We live in a society conditioned by work and bad habits. The tendency to be sedentary is something that we must avoid, and we must start with ourselves and what surrounds us. At work (whether in the office or at home) we spend many hours sitting, and incorrect posture or being too long without getting out of the chair can lead to physical problems in the short, medium and long term.

Specialized studies recommend ten minutes of intermittent movement for every hour of sitting. Sitting too long is a risk factor for poor health and premature death, so the answer is to limit the time you sit down as much as possible. It's becoming increasingly apparent that intermittent movement is vital to health and longevity, perhaps even more so than a regular exercise routine.

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