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Although the journey started from Venice beach back in 1993 – but now LennyLarry in Australia and other countries is known as one of the best brands, offering healthy snacks and cookies. It was founded by two friends who were passionate for fun, fitness as well as healthy eating. Their products include Muscle Muffin (15 grams of protein per muffin),Complete Cookie (16 grams of protein per cookie) and Muscle Brownies (20 grams of protein per brownie).

They are currently headquartered in Panama City with more than 50 employees who are striving hard to promote a healthy active lifestyle by baking products with protein to cultivate guilt-free better snack alternatives. All their products available at their official online LennyLarry Store are sold at approx. 30000+ retail locations throughout the world via trusted suppliers and a number of distributors.

Since their inception, Lenny & Larry’s has maintained the highest standards of quality in every single product offered which is why the company has brought a revolution in online buying of healthy snacks and cookies by their user-friendly and hassle-free environment. They have a vast range of cookies under different categories. Besides, Lenny & Larry’s ensure 24 hours versatility for their customers’ ease to shop for their desired products anytime without any hassle.

Product Categories


The company aims at offering you an unrivalled price against a wide range of snacks and cookies under LennyLarry Sale not only in Australia but other countries as well. They have various product categories online and maintaining the highest quality in their production. Some of the best products are as follow:

Since the beginning of the day, the entire Chocolate Chip Cookie has become a crowd enjoyer. Conveniently firm and chewy, their perfect plant chocolate chip biscuit is lovingly sprinkled with a big semi-sweet chocolate crunch.

Chocolate Donut (4ct),this indulgent flavour brings the plant protein cookie to the next level, inspired by a classic donut shop classic. Chocolate Donut presentation! Getting colourfully luscious sprinkles and chocolate chips baked, their vegetable cookie tastes like rich Devil Food donuts without any remorse.

This 13-count Baker's Dozen Assorted package combines their most popular plant-based cookie aroma in one box and shows what flavour complete you. This is the package to manage all the packages! Add some fun and flavour to your day and enjoy your additional FREE vegan cookie!

The complete cookie has the perfect amount of carbohydrates to keep you going all day long. The 16 grams of protein that are easy to digest helps to build up your body. Fill up your strength and continue with the delicious Peanut Butter Chip protein cookie for longer.

If you like chocolate, you will love their plant cookies that give you the mega dose of chocolate you're looking for. Spread generously with big semi-sweet chocolate chips, these rich and satisfying vegan protein cookies give the cookie even more substance. Thrust away your hunger and your favourite ice cream or frozen yogurt together. All the tasty morsel you would love.

Your absolute crunchy vegan cookies are like no other cookie on the market! You will not believe the cleansing plant-based protein and fiber they contain in a snack friendly and comfortable way. You should feel fantastic about finishing the whole bag with the most enthusiastic crunch and incredible taste!

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