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Lenkeng HDMI Video Wall1080p 2...

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LENKENG LKV712PRO 1 in 2 Out H...

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Lenkeng HDMI Splitter 1080P HD...

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Lenkeng HDMI Video Wall1080p 2...

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LENKENG LKV3088 Digital to Ana...

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LENKENG HDMI Splitter FHD 1080...

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LENKENG LKV312V20HDR 1 in 2 ou...

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Lenkeng HDMI Splitter FHD 1080...

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LENKENG LKV3090 Digital to Ana...

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LENKENG LKV676E HDMI 20 Extend...

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LENKENG LKV331A 3 in 1 out 4K...

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Shenzhen Lenkeng Technology started manufacturing Home Products since 2004. Lenkeng is a national enterprise specialised in developing all kinds of Audio/Video processing solutions as well. Lenkeng Australia products range includes Converter, Matrix, high-definition Extender, Splitter, and Switch that commonly used in a digital signal, CCTV Surveillance, home entertainment, education, hospitality, conference system, etc.

LENKENG – History and Overview

LENKENG Australia launched the Audio/Video wireless products alongside smart home products in the Audio and Visual market since 2015. Releasing the supreme quality products, Lenkeng not only increases its growth but also gained a high reputation from the global market.

After more than ten years of accumulation, Lang Qiang Technology has created a professional R & D team in the industry, obtained over 40 intellectual property rights such as invention patents and utility model appearance patents in the field of high-definition video signal processing, and passed the rational property management system certification.

Continue to focus on providing users with cutting-edge, high-quality products, and high-quality customer service. Lenkeng Technology has established a comprehensive quality management system, passed ISO9001: 2015 quality management system certification conformed to BSCI standards, and products passed CE, FCC, ROHS, and international Certification. At the same time, the company is also a certified member of HDMI, HDCP, HDBaseT, and acts as the promoter of HDbitT technology.

Lenkeng productivity and product quality continue to improve, while also significantly reducing customers' purchase cost by relying on the excellent R & D team to continuously create new development momentum for the enterprise, and to continually invest in advanced production equipment and production lines, with strict requirements on quality inspection.

Lenkeng Technology actively cooperates with the development of partners, Shanghai Shanda (Lang Qiang and Shanda established a strategic partnership at the end of 2006 to jointly expand the broadband home entertainment market). Sony (provides PS2 TO MONITOR video converter for British SONY, Assist the application and extension of its game and entertainment products); China Hebei Netcom (Lenkeng provides the broadband home entertainment package required for broadband entertainment by Hebei Netcom); etc. At the same time, it also actively provides video processing technology for SMEs to solve the problem of corporate video conversion.

Timeline History

2004 - A Chinese company took its initiative by launching the first video converter board for the visual presenter in China.

2005 - The brand focused on manufacturing the first Audio/ Video Synchronization device that applied to KTV VOD (Video on Demand) system.

2006 – "GAME," the first broadband entertainment mate in china, was developed by Cooperating Shanda to Group NASDAQ.

2007 – A great success in the medical service industry came with the innovative Video Freeze Frame Board that applied in the Medical sector.

2008 – Home Entertainment Concept Products developed with CNC (China Net Com)

2009 – An innovation in Gaming devices came with the first PSP Converter with full-screen display conversion while playing games.

2010 – LENKENG Australia launched its First HDMI splitter in China with the supportiveness of 3D functions.

2011 – The brand successfully managed to lead the way of WII to HDMI – Mini Display to Audio Video and VGA to HDMI alongside other serials of Video Converters.

2012 - Shenzhen Lenkeng Technology designed and displayed the new product ranges that include MHL to HDMI, SDI to HDMI, and 2D to 3D.

2013 – Realising the streaming trend, LENKENG Australia launched a wireless transmitter for iOS streams to HDTV while offering Multichannel HDMI Splitters, Coaxial HDMI extenders, etc.

2014 – Developed the new and innovative variety of Matrix HDMI extenders, Splitters, Matrix, Convertors, and HDBaseT Pro-AV solutions.

2015 – Leads the way of HDBit Video over IP solutions, including HDMI power line Extender, Wireless Extender, Fiber Optics Extenders, etc.

HDMI series

VGA to HDMI series, YPBPR to HDMI series, AV (S terminal) to HDMI series, ALL TO HDMI series PSP to HDMI series HDMI distributor series HDMI switcher series HDMI matrix switcher.

VGA series

BNC to VGA series, AV to VGA series, S terminal to VGA series, VGA to AV, YPbPr to VGA series YPBPR to AV series, PSP to VGA series VGA twisted pair transmission

Lenkeng Certificates

Lenkeng is one of the best and leading enterprises for a reason to manufacture the quality Audio/Video processing solutions. Following are the certificates the brand achieved in its 15-years duration journey:

Concerning the Sales Market, Lenkeng not only focused on quality products but also sticking to global standards is one of the main prospective of the company. Expanding the global reach in the local and international market with the help of sales agents, they manage to get global clients from all over the world. In more than 50 countries/regions, Lenkeng products mainly used in Education, Transportation, Military, Government, broadcasting, gaming, home entertainment and other fields.

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The Chinese brand always wanted to be one of the leading suppliers of Pro-AV solutions and in-home manufacturing products. The vision led the brand to get on the track of success, and in almost ten years of its existence, Lenkeng Australia becomes one the leading brand in the Audio/Visual market.

Dedicated, Aggressive, and Practical, the brand focused on what they desire to achieve and delivers the most promising high-quality products worldwide. Discover and Buy Lenkeng Products online at our store at an affordable and cheap price as we offer an exclusive range of Converter, Matrix, high-definition Extender, Splitter, and Switch.