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Lee Filters SW150 System 09 Ne...

$ 399.00

Lee Filters SW150 System 09 Ne...

$ 399.00

Lee Filters SW150 System Neutr...

$ 956.00

Lee Filters SW150 System Adapt...

$ 310.00

Lee Filters SW150 Mark II Adap...

$ 310.00

Lee Filter Adaptor Rings Stand...

$ 66.00

Lee Filter 100mm ND ProGlass I...

$ 526.00

Lee Filter 100mm ND ProGlass I...

$ 526.00

Lee Filter Resin Filter Sets N...

$ 300.00

Plastic Mounts for Polyester F...

$ 58.00

Lee Filter Resin Filter Sets A...

$ 418.00

Lee Filter Adaptor Rings Stand...

$ 138.00

Lee Filters 100mm Adapter Ring...

$ 310.00

Lee Filter SW150 Reverse ND 06

$ 542.00

Lee Filter ClearLEE Filter Was...

$ 20.00

Lee Filters 100mm Neutral Dens...

$ 300.00

Lee Filter 100mm 100x150mm Rev...

$ 433.00

Lee Filter Grads 100x150x2mm S...

$ 229.00

Lee Filter Colour Stds 100x150...

$ 164.00

Lee Filter Tobacco 2 Graduated...

$ 223.00

Lee Filter SW150 Twilight Grad...

$ 310.00

Lee Filters 100mm LEE100 Hood

$ 763.00

Lee Filter Colour Stds 100x100...

$ 229.00

Lee Filters SW150 Screwin Lens...

$ 230.00

Lee SW150 Locking Bolt

$ 24.00

Lee SW150 Mahogany 1 Grad Soft

$ 310.00

Lee SW150 Real Blue 3 Grad Sof...

$ 310.00

Lee SW150 Tin

$ 26.00

Lee Filter Sunset 100x150mm 2m...

$ 229.00

Lee SW150 No 11

$ 310.00

Lee SW150 No 21

$ 310.00

Lee SW150 81A

$ 162.00

Lee Filters Australia manufactures filters for photo, video, and cinema. With its long and historical experience in colored and calibrated gelatin for cinema lighting, Lee Filters has put its know-how and rigor at the service of photographers for several decades.

In association with optical manufacturers, Lee Filters has always developed ranges of filters and filter holders corresponding to the needs and expectations of photographers.

Price and Availability

Lee Filters are a creative gourmet landscape photography tool. What distinguishes these filters from any other is a unique mounting system that gives the photographer complete freedom of creativity. Users can control the effect of the screen until it is optimal.

Using the Lee filter system, even in the process of photographing, you can achieve such impressive results that even Photoshop shamans can envy. Lee filter product prices in Australia range from 100 to 2000 AUD depending upon the type of the product.


Less than two decades ago, photographers already used a film filter in front of the lens to "raise" a landscape, give new intensity to a sky, or reduce the contrasts between the sky and the foreground. Then with digital appeared image processing software, more and more sophisticated, more and more expensive, taking more and more time even to achieve the most uncomplicated effects.

Today we are witnessing a return to grace thanks to the use of lee filters from the time of shooting, both digital and film. It is a way of completely controlling your image. What does this mean for the photographer?

The quality of LEE Filters

To fully control your image with a filter, demand Lee Filter's quality. Entirely neutral high-end filters, with no color cast that could affect your vision. All Lee Filters are handcrafted in England and benefit from excellent quality control. Lee filters have been manufacturing filters for cinema and photography for over 30 years. The optical quality of their filters has made the brand the leader among professionals using filter holder systems.

Different types of Lee filters

The Lee Filters Seven 5 system is suitable for cameras with diameter objectives from 37 to 72mm, mostly hybrid, compact or compact SLR cameras. A special Fuji X100 / X100S adapter has been developed for this range. The LEE Filters 100 system filter holder receives filters 75mm wide.

The LEE Filters 100 system is suitable for SLRs with bulky optics ranging in diameter from 49mm to 105mm as well as adapters in Rollei VI or Hasselblad mount. The LEE Filters 100 system filter holder receives filters 100mm full.

The LEE Filters SW150 MKII system is mainly dedicated to ultra-wide-angle lenses without front thread. The system remains nevertheless very flexible because threaded adapters are allowing its use on objectives of more conventional design. The filter holder of the SW150 MKII system receives 150mm large filters.