If you want to look perfect, invest in the highest quality fashionable accessories, tailored to your needs, expectations and character. Nothing will emphasise the original personality better than personalised, unique accessories with a unique design, created from the highest quality materials.

Wearing an elegant, chic creation, you can't afford even the slightest shortcomings. An old, damaged purse can completely ruin the intricate styling effect you have been working on for so long.

Remember that the essential feature of the right image is consistency. Like a Swiss watch, all style elements must interact with each other, creating a perfect fullness.

Leather wallets are a unique and elegant thing that every man and woman wants to be equipped with. This is due not only to their high quality and finish aesthetics but also to the valuable functionality they provide us.

They allow us to store relevant documents, money and even credit and ATM cards. Such unique wallets come from hand-made leather goods, which in our online store presents at the highest level. We have prepared for you exciting models of wallets of various shape, colour and size.

They are all made of high-quality leather, thanks to which they not only look beautiful but are ready for many years of use. We present leather wallets that have strong fasteners, pockets, practical compartments, making them even more comfortable to use.

Lazuli Wallets are distinguished by high functionality and attractive design. We have proposed a rich set of various designs, and additionally, they are characterised by perfect artistry and a classic, elegant style. As a result, every man will be happy with their possession and use. Lazuli Wallets offered by our store is the best offer on the market. We present our clients with models that meet their greatest expectations and needs.

Women's wallets are available in a modern, classic version in the best fashionable colours. All our wallets have a variety of fasteners so that everyone can choose a wallet with the most convenient closing and opening option. We are happy to present you with leather wallets that impress with their appearance and durability.

Types of women's wallets - which one is right for you?

Let's start with the most commonly used: bifold and trifold wallets. The name, as you can easily see, comes from English and means the number of foldings needed to fasten a given wallet, two or three times in succession.

They are most often fastened with a snap, velcro or zipper, and the side part is used to store small items. A modification of this classic model is the wristlet, which has a strap attached to the side that can be put on the wrist for greater comfort of holding and wearing.

We usually take small elegant handbags for big trips, which are difficult to fit in a traditional wallet- for these occasions, there are clutch wallets, which are an ideal compromise between a purse and a purse. They usually look very elegant and can easily be mistaken for clutches, but a trained eye will notice that the latter are more gigantic.

For a walk or a small shopping at a nearby grocery store, when you do not need the entire wallet and all the documents contained in it, take a coin - in this small purse you can fit a small amount of cash. You can easily put it in your pants pocket without worrying about the inelegant effect of the stuffed pocket.

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