Lava recently launched and introduced pyramid shaped heaters with sleek and stylish European design and latest technology which makes this brand one of the best brands in the Patio heaters. The brand offers a wide variety of Patio heaters as well as the Interior heaters.

This stylish and impressive exterior heater courtyard is both a strong and useful addition to any area of the patio. With up to a 5-foot radius of heat around the heater, you can maximize the use of this 56000 BTU heater interior courtyard.

The glass tube to the centre of insulation is made of borosilicate and is characterized by high atmospheric and hot stability. It works for the length of this high heater 4 feet so you can enjoy the best thermal finish.

This heater can be placed in any place where you like because it does not require electricity. It runs on natural gas, and so you can safely connect your gas cylinder to a heater, it comes with a 10-foot gas connection line.

The wonderful thing about this heater is that you can start using it immediately. You don't need to worry about the need to collect it because it is fully assembled in the box. Just remove the package, connect the gas, and you are ready to enjoy the warmth.

Black coated on the frame of this heater is the ideal design for this heater. This will look modern and attractive while your guests on the patio entertain you.

Lava Heat Italia Silvertone Torano

This electric infrared heater Lava Heat Italia Torano is a fully portable and infrared heater with internal/open heating that is suitable for all conditions. Due to the powerful infrared heat coil with a gold tube of 5000 hours, it creates 1500 watts of safe and comfortable heat.

Torano has a fixed mounting hinged wall and a stable portable tripod mount. A simple screw-in propeller allows you to reposition from base to arm and back for maximum portability and heating efficiency. Its rugged emergency-off cord and sturdy tripod base add security and stability.

Types of heaters for the courtyard

Free Stand Outdoor Heaters

Autonomous heater Patio Ideal if you want to have heating, but not necessarily any tables. They are popular in the bars and zones of the inner courtyard. As they stand alone, they can be installed anywhere on the courtyard, and they do not need electricity, as a rule, they use fuel. They have a base, pole, heat generator and reflector for heat distribution. Fuel can often be stored in the base.

Wall Heaters for the courtyard

If you want to heat insulation on the street, which is not out of order and was safe, you can choose a wall heater. Usually, it's electric and uses infrared heating methods to warm people standing nearby. They mounted high up on the wall and the brackets so that you can adjust the heating angle.

Table Top Outdoor Heaters

As the name implies, these heaters are the ones that just stand on your countertop. If you have a desk on the patio, according to which you and your guests will sit, this is a great idea, as you get warm at 360 degrees from the heater so that everyone is heated. They tend to have less energy output than the self-contained heaters courtyard; however, since they are designed to be closer to the zone, they need to warm up.

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