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Razer Blade 15 (2019) Laptops


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Microsoft Surface Pro 7


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Lenovo ThinkBook 13s


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Asus ZenBook Duo (UX481) Laptops


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Microsoft Surface Pro 6


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Dell XPS 13 inches 2 in 1 Laptops


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Acer Chromebook 14 Laptops


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Lenovo Yoga C740


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MSI GL63 i7-8750H Laptops


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Acer Swift 3 Laptops


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Asus ROG ZEPHYRUS (GX501) Core i7 Laptop...


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Acer Nitro 5


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Apple Macbook Pro 2018 13 512GB Touch Ba...


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Microsoft Surface Book 2 Laptops


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HP Elite Dragonfly


Compare 22 Prices

Asus VivoBook S15 Laptops


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Asus VivoBook 15


Compare 7 Prices

Apple 13 MacBook Pro 2.9Ghz i5 512GB Lap...


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Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon


Compare 18 Prices

Asus ROG ZEPHYRUS (GX501) Laptops


Compare 13 Prices

Apple MacBook Pro 16


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MSI GS75 Stealth 17 inches Gaming Laptop...


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Asus ROG ZEPHYRUS (GX501) Core i5 Laptop...


Compare 13 Prices

The latest and most excellent laptops balance portability with exceptional performance power you need. Start searching and Comparing Cheap Laptops Prices in Australia with mentioned below most essential features to consider.

Operating System:

The operating system of a laptop works like a heart in the body as it manages all the hardware and software, including connected devices, internal memory, and files. Moreover, it helps you get interacted with your laptop and programs visually.

  • Windows

Windows has a unique interface design (while using the traditional mouse and keyboard) with an intuitive touch-screen interface, extending your browsing choices. The Windows Hello feature allows you to rapidly login with the help of a look or a key while staying safe. It also provides an updated Task Manager, simplified file management and a set of integrated applications.

  • macOS

macOS is only installed on Mac computers and offers an elegant and user-friendly interface to add a smart look and battery life to Mac. Historically, Macs have had fewer virus and malware problems. However, with a higher price tag as compared to the other laptops and no Mac laptops include touch-screen functionality.

  • Chrome OS

Aside from Windows and macOS, Chrome OS is a different kind of operating system which is base on cloud storage, houses many built-in Google tools and security layers. It also comes with Google Account for flawless access to files, music and much more.

Screen Size:

The screen size of laptops, whether they are Dell Laptops, Lenovo Laptops, Samsung Laptops, Apple laptops from any other brands ranges from 11-inches to 17-inches. The most prominent display means more pleasure while playing games, watching movies and video editing. Just keep in mind that the most famous screen increases the overall size of the laptop as well as weight and power consumption.


The processor is also named “brain” of a laptop. Intel processors are the heart of MacBook and most of the Windows laptops. The Intel processors include Core i3, Core i5, Core i7, and Core X-Series.

The AMD, on the other hand, provide a vast range of advanced processors for almost every task. In value-priced laptops, you will get processors of Intel as these are more than enough for internet, productivity tasks, and essential emails. However, their multitasking capability and speed both are not higher as compared to the others.


RAM (random access memory) is much important as it helps to give your super-smooth multitasking or gaming experience. For the basic laptop, 2GB of RAM is more than enough, but if you get your hands on 8GB of RAM, you can work on multiple apps simultaneously or can edit videos and play graphics enriched games.

Majority of the laptops come with 4GB-8GB of RAM whereas some laptops have up to 64GB. If you are a kind of heavy user and want to use a laptop for your routine work, you should choose a model with a higher amount of RAM.

How to Buy for Less?

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