In 1946, the owner of the Lanvin, Jeanne Lanvin died at the age of 79. After her death, her daughter Marie-Blanche took the ownership and just after 12 years she died in 1958. Lanvin's business was sent to their cousin Yves Lanvin. From now on, the label passed from hand to hand.

Until the acquisition of power by Albert Elbaz in 2002, it was the oldest working fashion house, and despite its depressed reputation, somehow survived and overnight again became a great success. Since then the most former fashion house remained alive, Lanvin offers multiple products for both men and women, but Lanvin women pants in Australia is the top-selling product.

Remained underground

Jeanne Lanvin had no public interaction or public relations in the fashion industry. All the contenders of the brand understood that they had to personalise their home with their appearance, so they were constant self-promotion.

Jeanne Lanvin was a very private person, and she prefers to stay in the background than to swim in the light of fame and cultural splendour. Dressed in black, she was more interested in focusing on her projects and communicating with materials, not with people. And all her concentration and hard work keep the brand name alive. 

The Perfection

Jeanne's shows the perfection in her clothes whether it is designed for men or woman. Jeanne developed her colour schemes and also has a dye factory which she started in 1922, to get the delicate, unique shades. She used pieces of mica, coral, delicate shells, gold and silver strands, ribbons and raffia alongside pearls and sequins, to make the bead fit into the material, mood and motif. The most common materials used were silk, taffeta, velvet, silk chiffon, organza, lace, fur and tulle. Lavin Women pants are one of the most elegant pants made up of soft stuff which make you feel comfortable.

Women Pants and Shorts

Lanvin has a vast collection of Women's pants and trousers for all type of girls who need pants for parties or a family gathering. Lanvin offers you the best women pants in Australia, which you can be purchased from their online and physical stores. Lanvin pants are available in all type of sizes as they offer you below mentioned sizes.

Lanvin Women Pants Price

Well if talk about the cost of Lanvin pants it’s too expensive to shop but who don’t want the best quality products. Lanvin women pants price in Australia is round about 2000 AUD.