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Lanvin Tote

$ 585.53

Lanvin Multicolour Necklace Ca...

$ 212.86

Lanvin In And Out Cabas Bag

$ 891.58

Cabas Bag Medium Lanvin Bag Lw...

$ 633.94

Lanvin Borsa In out Nano

$ 569.96

Lanvin Tote In Black Polyester

$ 1019.54

Lanvin Shoulder Bag In Beige L...

$ 1150.96

Lanvin White Leather Shoulder...

$ 1057.58

Lanvin Pink Hobo Bag Xxs

$ 296.75

Lanvin Cabas Medium Hand Bag

$ 1057.58

Lanvin Extra Nano Hobo Bag

$ 296.75

Lanvin Tote In White Leather

$ 950.37

Lanvin Fuchsia Quilted Leather...

$ 1057.58

Lanvin is one of the oldest luxury fashion brand still operating in Paris, France. The company was founded by Jeanne Lanvin in 1889 and has served continuously ever since. Jeanne Lanvin began designing dresses for her daughter, which attracted the attention of many affable mothers and daughters in Paris. Lanvin has expanded its services all over the world, which means you can easily find and buy Lanvin women bags in Australia.

In the early era of Lanvin, only a few people were familiar with the brand name, but soon women demanded similar role models for their daughters. Eventually, the rich mothers themselves asked for Lanvin projects, and from there, their business grew.

At the beginning of the 20th century, Lanvin won the title of High Sewing which was a great honour and a testament to his essential abilities. And after that, Lanvin starts manufacturing handbags for women.

Luxury Lanvin Handbags

Today, the Lanvin fashion line offers luxury ready-to-wear clothing for men and women, as well as handbags, shoes, sneakers and other accessories. Lanvin creations of handbags have different shapes and colours, in leather, suede and sometimes in a combination of materials. Its range of bags also includes larger suitcases and shoulder bags. Its products are available on the Internet and in department stores and luxury boutiques around the world.

What did Lanvin bags offer?

Lanvin didn’t have a large number of bags, and they prefer quality over quantity which shows the brand motivation toward their customers. Lanvin offers various kinds of bags which are mentioned below.

There is a total of four types of Landing bags, as mentioned earlier. The first one is known as hook bags which come with the adjustable straps made up of high-quality leather. It is a relatively small bag to store your goods. The second one is Magot bags which is also small in size but comes with the fantastic dual leather colour schemes with the detachable shoulder straps. Magot bags can be used for any occasion.

The third one is known as Bow Bags which has a twill knot on the top of the bag and is not entirely made of leather only the bottom of the bag has leather. And the last one comes having a shape of the peer, which is why it is known as Per bags. The peer bags have leather on the inner side of the bag and have the logo at the outside of the bag.

Price of Lanvin Women bags

If we talk about the cost of the all mentioned bags, they are all luxury bags as we have discussed earlier the brand focus on Quality rather than the Quantity and to achieve that you have to pay the high price.

Lanvin Women Bags price in Australia starts from 1300 AUD to 3000AUD.