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labelm Detangling Paddle Brush

$ 37.52

Labelm Organic Orange Blossom...

$ 54.50

Labelm Brunette Resurrection S...

$ 53.50

Labelm Shine Mist 200ml

$ 40.50

Labelm Protein Spray 250ml

$ 41.50

Labelm Men Scalp Tonic 150ml

$ 31.95

Labelm Deep Cleansing Shampoo...

$ 69.95

Labelm Honey Oat Mask 120ml

$ 43.50

Labelm Daily Shine Conditioner...

$ 37.50

Labelm AntiFrizz Conditioner 1...

$ 99.95

Labelm Gentle Cleansing Shampo...

$ 37.50

Labelm Honey Oat Conditioner 1...

$ 69.95

Labelm Volume Mousse 200ml

$ 39.50

Labelm Volume Mousse 50mlMini

$ 11.95

Labelm Matt Paste 120ml

$ 74.95

Labelm Therapy Rejuvenating Ma...

$ 53.50

Labelm Brunette Dry Shampoo 50...

$ 11.95

Labelm Thickening Shampoo 1 Li...

$ 74.95

Labelm Boar Bristle Brush Larg...

$ 42.50

Labelm Dry Volumising Paste 75...

$ 32.50

Labelm Men Grooming Cream 100m...

$ 31.95

Labelm Thickening Conditioner...

$ 37.50

Labelm Thickening Conditioner...

$ 37.50

LabelM Sun Edition Protein Spr...

$ 14.95

labelm Colour Stay Conditioner...

$ 18.95

labelm Brightening Blonde Cond...

$ 42.95

labelm Matt Paste 50ml

$ 17.95

labelmen Grooming Cream 100ml

$ 13.95

labelmen Deconstructor 50ml

$ 16.45

labelm Power Paste 50ml

$ 16.95

labelm LeaveIn Conditioner 300...

$ 31.00

labelm Thickening Cream 100ml

$ 36.90

Label.M Australia is a haircare brand inspired by hairdressing professionals that best meet their different expectations and needs. Imagined, developed and launched by international hairdressers Toni Mascolo and Sacha Mascolo-Tarbuck, Label.M has been awarded several times for its originality and its qualities. LabelM is a world-famous brand, created in 2005, in Great Britain, by one of the founders of Toni & Guy - Tony Mascolo and his daughter Sasha Mascolo-Tabac.

Price and Availability

Everyone who wants to buy Label M can be sure of the effectiveness of this brand's cosmetics. Professionals would never offer any of the cosmetic components that do not quite correspond to the highest quality of the brand, positioned at the podium status level.

Cosmetics are also used by designers when creating hairstyles for television photo shoots, London Fashion Week and popular printing publications. LabelM price in Australia starts from just 15 AUD and goes up to 100 AUD depending upon the type of the product.


The young British brand with Italian roots Label'M from the world-famous brand of hair cosmetics TONI & GUY, since 2005, pleases with its exceptional high-quality hair products. The company quickly became the record holder in the world market. The vast experience of its creator and adherence to Italian traditions allowed the brand to successfully and rapidly stand out among others in the industry. Prestigious awards, awards, including the British Awards, once again underline the global status of cosmetics.

Created in England, the Label.m brand is still international and is represented in more than 50 countries around the world. The brand's products are transcultural in nature and suitable for any type of hair and texture. The range is rich in products for styling hair and creating any desired look, and several professional series aimed at extreme recovery and daily care.

The idea of LabelM is to create a full-fledged image in which hair is a crucial element and the brightest and most refined accessory. The original brand heritage includes a composite image of British contemporary fashion and music. It is an excellent tool for creating unique images, allowing everyone to realize their ideas.

Cosmetics Label.m is an ideal salon and podium product that is in high demand among professionals around the world. Label.m is the official sponsor and creator of images at one of the main events of the fashion industry - London Fashion Week, where their cosmetics also acts as the leading brand used by stylists.

The London Academy of Hairdressing, together with partners-manufacturers of cosmetics from the United States, was directly involved in the development of all series of Label.M cosmetics, its teachers consulted, and leading hairdressers performed routine work.

Label.M is an annual creation of the latest fashionable images that perfectly fit the concept of the London Fashion Week. Cosmetics from Toni Guy are accessible among stylish people who stand out among the general mass with their dynamic lifestyle and are ready to invest in their appearance significantly.

Wide range of products

The Label.m brand also has a line specially designed for men in accordance with the characteristics of men's hair. The catalogue contains shampoos, conditioners and texturizing products for shaping and volume, providing as part of a unique development label.m - active complex elements.

Label.m also has a wide range of accessories and professional branded hairdressing tools that are distinguished by quality, practicality and strict laconic design. Combs, hair clips, diffusers for hairdryers, toiletry bags, negligees and much more - all this can be found among the brand's assortment. Here below, we have enlisted some of the significant brand's products which includes: