La Casta Australia is a high- quality natural hair care and healing cosmetic brand incorporating essential oils. Focusing on the fact that essential oils and plants have many potentials for beauty and health, La Casta use unique and natural organic oils.

Uses organic plant raw materials to respond to hair and scalp problems and provide a healthy and beautiful finish. Organic plants are not only safe and secure, but their cultivation methods also protect soil, air, rivers, and the sea, leading to natural and animal biodiversity.

La Casta origins from Japan developed for Japanese women. It takes a long time to carefully examine the characteristics of Japanese women's hair and skin. The thick strands of Japanese women that tend to have a small amount of moisture compared to European and American women, skin texture that is fine and sensitive, and based on the results. The brand is promoting the development of quality and taste while probably blending plant components.

Haircare products are manufactured with the natural essential oils and gentle natural plant ingredients that maximize the beauty of hairs. The bath and body care products by La Casta allows polishing the body while enjoying an elegant feeling that warped in the organic aroma.

The Fragrance range is made with the pure and finest natural essential oils that spread the unique relaxation and soothing aroma. The skincare products by this Japanese brand includes the active ingredients that balance the moisture and gives fresh and glowing skin.

Brand Overview

La Casta is a pioneer brand of natural cosmetics born in 1996 for Japanese women. Using natural water from the Northern Alps that is easy to get used to Japanese hair, it contains organic plant ingredients and essential oils. The brand created an aroma blend that matches the tastes of the Japanese. The products are manufactured in Nagano Prefecture's natural prosperous factory.

There are three types of organic plant materials: "Vegetable essential oils" that work powerfully, "Plant extracts" and "vegetable oils" that work mildly. By probably prescribing these, you can maximize the benefits. It works gently and powerfully on your hair and scalp to evoke exotic beauty. The natural aroma of essential oils provides soothing and comfortable healing.

La Casta Professional is a professional-use natural healing cosmetic that has over 30 years of research in hair and skin and has excellent technical skills. We deliver the best quality to salons based on the concept of valuing not only safety, nature and health, but also beautiful people and the global environment.

Also, in Japan, there is a culture of fragrance that has been passed down since ancient times, such as incense. It is also important to note that it is easy to enjoy the aroma and to be healed by the fragrance. Care is taken so that daily care can be continued comfortably. This is something that can only be done by a domestic brand that has thoroughly studied and studied the Japanese constitution and preferences in the Japanese climate.

Natural Healing Garden

The La Casta Natural Healing Garden embodies the brand theme of plant vitality and healing.  Refreshing air, clean flowing spring water, seasonal flowers and trees. By taking a stroll, you can experience the importance of symbiosis between people and nature with your five senses. Since it is open to the general public, please enjoy a pleasant and comfortable time.

The brand theme “Plant vitality and healing."

When we entrust ourselves to nature, which is full of greenery, we feel lighter and more comfortable and productive. La Casta believes that by exploring this natural energy with all five senses and incorporating it into the whole body, it will shine even more beautifully and regain a healthy and healthy appearance.

Plant essential oils (essential oils),which are the basis of phytotherapy aromatherapy, have many potentials for beauty and health and have been incorporated into people's lives since ancient times.

The more we know the power of essential oils, healing the body while maintaining the body's natural ability and improving the balance, the more we know about the power of essential oils, the more we have researched with the desire to use them more for beauty and health.

Adopts organic essential oils and natural plant ingredients that are particular to almost all items. Each drop contains the immense vitality of the plant. The quality of the fragrance, the pleasant feeling of use, and the high quality that the one who first encountered La Casta is impressed.

The symbol flower "Echinacea"

The symbol flower printed on the package is Echinacea, which symbolizes the brand concept of "plant life and healing". Since ancient times, it has been known as a medical herb that enhances immunity and helps maintain physical strength.

La Casta uses herbal extracts extracted from Echinacea grown without pesticides on its farms in all products except some oils. In addition to Echinacea, the ingredients used in La Casta products are natural herbal extracts and safe and secure organically grown plants. And deliver beauty full of vitality.

LA Casta Collection Series

Aroma esthetic series that uses special essential oils and organic plant ingredients. Try experiencing the high quality, luxurious fragrance and gentle comfort of natural aroma. Everyday care will change to a blissful moment.                             

White Rose, the flower language is Pure, eternal love. When beautiful roses are blooming brilliantly and powerfully, fresh and deep sweetness and sweet aroma are given to you. Including white rose, rose-related ingredients and organic plant ingredients deliver vital moisture and radiant beauty.

La Casta's ageing care line includes Aroma Revita. This series guides hair that suffers from ageing created by La Casta, who has faced the hair and scalp of Japanese women for many years, with shiny gloss and smooth textured hair.

The fragrance of the concentrated essential oils gives a holistic beauty and healing by gently approaching the vitality of the plant itself, our mind and body while approaching both.

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