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Korjo Australia To United King...

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2 Port Usb And Power Adaptor U...

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Korjo Ear Buds

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Korjo Ear Buds Travel Kit

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Korjo Alarm Clock with Torch

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Korjo Ear Plugs 4 Pair

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Korjo Resealable Plastic Packi...

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Korjo Clothes Line Pegless

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Korjo India Adapter

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Korjo Double Adaptor Europe

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Korjo Double Adapter for USA

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Korjo RFID Protected Money Pou...

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Korjo Adapter Set Europe Great...

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Korjo Waterproof Phone Pouch

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Korjo Headphone Adaptor

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Korjo Baggage ID Kit

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Korjo Compression Travel Socks...

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Korjo Compression Travel Socks...

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Korjo USB and Power Adapter

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Korjo USB and Power Adapter Ho...

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Korjo Credit Card Defender 3PK

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Korjo Snooze Cushion With Slee...

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Korjo Luggage Lock Keyed 20mm...

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3Pk CreditSmart Card Defender...

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USB2X2US KORJO 2 Port USB and...

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KAUSDA KORJO Dual Aust To Sing...

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Aust To Japan Travel Adaptor F...

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Europe USA To AUST Adaptor Ada...

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KORJO India South Africa Adapt...

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Universal Aussie Adaptor Adapt...

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Aust To UK Travel Adaptor For...

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Korjo Money Belt Bag

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Korjo Australia is one of the best-selling Travel Accessories company to the worldwide in order to ensure that travellers from all over the globe can enjoy their tour with the happy, safe, comfortable, and convenient trip.

Korjo Australia’s history starts from the 1970s in Australia, and establish the travel accessory business. Les Kausman bought his first passport camera in Victoria for his own pharmacy in the department store Buckley & Nunn. Travellers from all over the world started to flock to his pharmacy to get passport photos and for the expert health advice for travelling.

Korjo – Overview & History

Meeting with travellers, Les Kausman realised the big gap as at that time there were no one manufacturing travel accessories. His idea clicked, and he starts manufacturing the Travel accessories in Australia, the problem was where to sell them, so he kept all ranges of products at his own pharmacy. Travellers came and bought accessories; sooner other retailers also noticed the potential of Travel Accessories, Korjo made the transition from the retailers, importers, wholesalers, and distributors in all over Australia.

Korjo Australia aimed to give leisure and ease to all travellers visiting his country from all over the world and also ensure that they enjoy safe, comfortable, and memorising Tour. For more than 30-years Korjo, Australia is providing the best Travelling advice, Travelling products and accessories. Increasing safety & health while reducing discomfort and problems, Korjo Australia offers the best-quality travelling products.

Keeping one vision of providing the best Travel accessories, Korjo expanded its region from national to international stage and ensure other brand’s partner also follow the same vision and passion. Years passed by, and the brand began to be famous internationally gaining high reputation worldwide for its supreme quality Travelling accessories.

Currently, Korjo Australia offers more than 120 Travelling Accessories and Products on national & international stage for more than 30 years. A great achievement Korjo achieved is of appointment as an exclusive distributor of Cabeau Products, Cabeau offers the soft and luxurious pillows that are incredibly comfortable with making any trip memorable.

Timeline History

In 1961, Korjo took his initiative by launching Kausman’s Pharmacy at Buckley & Nunn in 1961, while the first Passport size photo camera in Victoria comes in 1978. The First travel product Korjo designed was the Water boiler and a set of adaptors that he displayed at Kausman’s Pharmacy. Australian government registered the brand Korjo in 1981 as he started to sell its first products.

In 1983, John Ford Agencies became the first interstate distributor (NSW) while in 1985 Korjo Australia becomes the first international Distributor in New Zealand as well. Kept on working and manufacturing the best travelling accessories at last in 1989 he got pay for that in terms of achieving wholesale sales of over $1m (approx 20 products). In 1990, the time comes where Les had to lend his family business to its second-generation that leads the company with the same passion and dedication.

Spreading its root worldwide in 1993, Korjo appointed ACE as a Singapore distributor and in 1995 he also expanded its product range over 50 products. 1996, one of the best years for Korjo Australia, become the Official supplier to Australian Olympic Team 1996. The founder retires from the company and handover the Korjo to its second generation in 1998 for the management & ownership.

Korjo updated the brand’s logo and packaging update in 2004 to make Australian Green and Gold. Great achievement the brand got in 2007, it built the 5000 sqm Korjo office and Warehouse in Hawthorn. Expanded its product ranges up to 100 in 2012 while Korjo was rebranded in 2016 with more update and new look.

In 2017, Korjo Became the exclusive distributor of Cabeau, and that is how the brand kept on expanding its roots all over the world.

Partnership with Koala Kids Foundation, Korjo not only helps to spread the cancer awareness but also provide shelter, spaces, and supportive services to assist the mission of kids foundation of making a life of children and youngster undergoing cancer treatments much better.

Korjo – Travellers Trip Guide

Sometimes things not go in a way you look or planned so, for such circumstances or to avoid severe problems while going on to any trip Korjo provides the best Travellers Trip Guide. Finding out the destinations to go you may need Passport, Visa or any other document, don’t worry Korjo solves all quires came into your mind.

Get the passport, Visas, and International Drivers Permit at Korjo Australia and get a 100% guaranteed Travelling documentation. Get the quality International power and sockets at Korjo Australia, and enjoy your trip, making them more memorable.

Korjo – Products Range

Make your Trip more comfortable and get things done easier with Korjo products and Travelling guides. Adaptors, USB Powers, Electronics Clocks, Earbuds, Packaging Bags, Locks, Laundry, Hairdryer, Kettle, Iron, Luxury Pillows, Blankets, Mask, and many other Accessories.

Buy Korjo Products Online

Be Smart, while deciding what things you may need to take with you on your adventurous trips. Our Store offers a versatile range of Korjo Products that surely fulfils all your needs. Discover and Buy Korjo Products Online at our store and get them at an affordable price.