KORA Organics was founded back in 2009 by Australia’s well-recognised and leading departmental store named David Jones and KORAOrganics.com. The company has been offering Aussies a blend of natural and certified organic ingredients. KORA Organics was co-founded by International supermodel “Miranda Kerr” (Australian-born) in October 2009. Since its launch, KORA Organics has expanded its business over 200 retailers across Australia including Sephora.

Not only in Australia but the company also launched approx. 300 Sephora stores in the United States and now, award-winning KORA Organics Lip Makeup on Sale alongside other products in more than 25 countries worldwide.

KORA Organics has sown all lip makeup products on their official site and every produce offered is exclusively genuine and authentic in origin. The company has the highest quality products and unconditionally no imitations. They encourage Aussies to go through their massive inventory at unbelievable prices.

At KORA Organics, the company is committed to first-rate customer care and satisfaction. Another reason behind their success is KORA Organics Lip Makeup Prices in Australia as well as other products prices that are relatively lower as compared to other beauty brands. Some of KORA Organics’ Lip Makeup products are as follow:

Noni Lip Treatment

A profoundly nurturing lip therapy that refreshes and enhances the appearance of fine lines, offering smooth, hydrated lips. The strong certified organic Noni and Licorice Root levels are combined to keep lips well-conditioned with Desert Date Oil and Cupuacu Butter.

Noni Lip Tint

A lip balm rich in nutrients, tinted with natural minerals and beetroot juice that is delicious and nurtures. Lips become flattened, pulled and covered by a solely colour wash. Always lovely as a bright drop on your cheeks. Certified Organic Noni and Licorice Root to hold lips hydrated blend with Cocoa Seed and Cupuacu Butter.

Noni Radiant Eye Oil

Organic eye therapy designed for a smooth, toney and brilliant appearance in the eye area. Certified organic Noni, Tomato fruits and marine bamboo extracts combine to awaken and strengthen the delicate undereye area with Kahai and Coffee Oils. The special rollerball Rose Quartz applicator provides a relaxing experience when transmitting the pulse of LOVE to you.

What Does KORA Organics Say?

According to KORA Organics, an area of eyes is 10x thinner as compared to other parts of the body or face. Therefore, it’s quite easy for this area to be damaged when using abrasive scrubs, face clothes or rubbing over eyes. Our (KORA Organics’) lip makeup or lip care products are widely open to an environment and can be weathered by sun, cold and wind with ease. Not only lip makeup products but also using KORA Organics’ lip care products are certified and formulated with essential oils, nourishing vitamins and minerals to help women stay soft, moist and plump.

Where to Buy for Less?

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