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The Oxylane Group contains Kipsta Australia that focuses on individual sports to provide customers with quality products at affordable prices, making sports available to all. A brand created in 1998 is still one of the best Sports brands to manufacture Sportswear and other Clothing accessories, including Rugby, Football, Cricket, Volleyball, and Basketball.

Football brand for the Decathlon brand, Kipsta make its way into the ultra-competitive football boot market with its CLR 900, Agility 500 Mid and Agility 900 Mid models. With its ambassador Mickael Landreau and Bruno which brings together a centre for design, observation and practice, the northern brand is mainly aimed at the general public.

Kipsta, the rugby brand of Decathlon, launched its products dedicated to women's rugby for the first time. The Kipsta brand is already known within rugby, with its clothing and affordable prices and maintains its line with its products for women.

Kipsta – Brand Overview

Kipsta is a French brand of Decathlon sports, mainly football. The brand was founded in 1998. Mickael Landreau and Gianni Bruno, both professional footballers, wear Kipsta equipment (Mickael Landreau is a French international goalkeeper, so he wears the brand's gloves).

One of their greatest successes is the Agility 700 PRO soccer shoe, worn by Landreau and Bruno. The brand also produces handball and basketball equipment as well as rugby equipment. The brand revealed by creating the first basketball for children approved by FIBA.

The Kipsta brand of Decathlon has been associated with the five main French collective sports for years, namely football, basketball, handball, rugby and volleyball. But 2018 marks the hour of change for the distributor of sporting goods with the creation of Allsix, a new brand devoted mainly to volleyball and beach volleyball.

Now each of the five leading sports co will have its brand at Decathlon:

Decathlon – Imviso (A new brand)

It is now the will of Decathlon, to free itself from big brands such as Nike, Adidas, Puma etc. to favour its brands. It is now the turn of the futsal to see the birth of its brand: Imviso. Inspired by the Latin "Imperium Vigo Solae" which means "vigorous control of the sole", the brand takes its name from the symbol of this sport. The Imviso brand currently offers shoes and balls and should soon provide clothing that meets the specifics of futsal.

As for shoes, there are two separate silos. The first is called Escudo, which means shield in English. This robust shoe is suitable for players looking for excellent cushioning, players who used to playing pivot for example. The other shoe is called Ginka. It is a shoe that has designed for players who like to go fast on the field. Compared to the Escudo, it is a lighter shoe, but above all, more flexible, more flexible.

Decathlon – All Six (New Volleyball Brand)

Decathlon has chosen to invest in volleyball not only in terms of communication but also in terms of technology. It was not that long ago that we could say that volleyball did not have a place on the shelves at Decathlon.

The co sports universe is, for most stores, monopolised by football, leaving very little room for others. But this has changed in recent years, we have seen that other co sports were starting to stick together to win the shelves. With its new brands, Decathlon wishes to differentiate each game and thus really specialise.

The name ALLSIX came from our Italian neighbours. "ALL" represents the team and "SIX" represents the six players present on the field. It must be pronounced in English. A real desire at Decathlon to associate this name with the team spirit that reigns in this sport.


And the firstborn from ALLSIX is the V900 ball, a ball intended for indoor practice. And Decathlon has put the means so that this ball is FFVB and FIVB approved.

Kipsta Football Boots

Kipsta is the football brand of Decathlon. The Kipsta brand offers inexpensive technical soccer shoes. Football boots equipped with different types of cleats: moulded cleats for playing on a field in dry natural or long synthetic grass.

Cleats screwed to practice football on a field in natural grass wet or wet. And small crampons of small sizes favouring the supports on hard ground stabilise or short synthetic grass.

Kipsta football boots are designed for apprentice footballers who play football 2 to 3 times a week. The shoes are resistant and versatile and accompany you safely for your first technical gestures on the ground.

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