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Knowing that 80% of robberies or crimes take place when you are not home, and majorly during the nights, which lasts only a few minutes. It’s almost difficult to handle such situations with easiness. Still, with KGuard Australia now you can remotely monitor your home on your phone at any time while you're abroad, on vacation or from the office. It's undoubtedly is one of the best ways to protect yourself.

Reassure, you are alerted in case of penetration and act promptly. The video surveillance is expensive, inflexible, difficult to install and start, but with KGuard installing your video surveillance system is now a children's game! Choosing KGuard as your surveillance camera for home, office or workplace should be your priority. The reason for that is because they are manufactured with top-quality and HD camera results, comprehensive technologies, convenient and reliable. 

There are no more complex cables and connections, internal Wi-Fi cameras, or IP cameras connected across your wireless network and act as a computer's webcam, independently, even when your computer is off. Like connected alarms, it is equipped with motion detectors that manage the control of the room that is automatically placed.

Depending on your needs and budget, you will choose a fixed IP camera that does not move and will cover a specific angle of the room, in which case you can combine several aspects of an automatic camera that covers a large area and gives you a large field of view.

They are more efficient than fixed cameras and can, for example, have a tracking device that tracks a moving subject. On the other hand, they are more imposing. Whether you want to put an individual home under surveillance, a secondary house, an apartment, a professional building or a warehouse, these cameras offer you a practical, confidential and easy-to-deploy solution so you can see and listen to everything, day and night!

Make security a priority and quickly discover all the KGuard surveillance cameras and recording tools to secure your home in a few minutes!

KGuard – Overview

As a world-renowned professional manufacturer of security monitoring products, Guangying Information has a strong R & D team. It has long been committed to integrating and innovative products and technologies in this field.

Research and development in software and hardware, industrial design and other core technologies in the security control industry has a thorough understanding of the industry leader and has received unanimous approval from global marketing partners.

Guangying Information has actively created a smart network monitoring integration platform that has been operating its KGuard brand for many years. Essential products include DIY Home Digital Surveillance Video Recording Kits (Home Security ComboKit),Surveillance Cameras (CCTV Security Cameras),and audio and video servers. (video servers),independent DVR for digital monitoring, network monitoring software platform (NVR),central monitoring software platform (CMS),Keyyard Monitoring Platform (KView),etc.

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