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Keter Wonderfold Kids Folding...

$ 179.00

Keter Corfu Outdoor Five Seate...

$ 999.00

Keter Urban Box 30G

$ 99.00

Keter Ivy Planters GreenWhite...

$ 29.99

Keter Artisan 9x7 shed

$ 3699.00

Keter Java Rattan Outdoor Stor...

$ 649.00

Keter Tribac 905 Plastic Shelv...

$ 199.00

KETER StoreItOut Max Outdoor S...

$ 539.00

Keter Plus Shelf Open Base Mid...

$ 99.00

Keter Oakland 759 Garden Shed

$ 3299.00

Keter Oakland 7511 Garden Shed

$ 3999.00

Keter Java Cushion Box 870L

$ 649.00

Keter Newton 759 Shed

$ 3499.00

KETER Factor 8x6 Large Outdoor...

$ 2231.00

KETER Oakland 759 Large Outdoo...

$ 3324.00

Keter Corfu Outdoor Furniture...

$ 875.00

Keter Cool Bar Icebox and Outd...

$ 139.00

KETER Manor 6x8 Outdoor Storag...

$ 1849.00

KETER Oakland 7511 Large Outdo...

$ 4037.00

KETER StoreItOut Max Outdoor S...

$ 586.00

Keter Store It Out Max 1200L B...

$ 699.00

Keter Store It Out Max 1200L B...

$ 699.00

Keter Pet House Knit Cozy Pet...

$ 149.00

Keter Grande Store 2000L

$ 1899.00

Detroit Multipurpose Cabinet

$ 340.00

Keter Salemo Outdoor Lounge Se...

$ 920.00

Keter Plus 755 Plastic Shelves

$ 89.90

Keter Westwood Deck Box 570L

$ 349.00

Keter Denali Duotech Storage B...

$ 470.00

Keter Bevy Bar Rattan

$ 349.00

Keter Newton 7511 Shed

$ 4299.00

Keter Urban Bloomer XL

$ 249.00

Its been more than 70 years since Keter in Australia is inspiring people to create dazzling spaces in their offices, homes, and gardens with exceptional-quality yet innovative products. The reason behind the huge popularity is their industry-leading designs that have got recognition internationally by Red Dot Awards in 2010, 2011, and 2013.

They are based on developing fashionable, easy, and reliable products with features that allow people to enjoy moments. They sell indoor and outdoor furnishings, hanging systems, toolboxes, items for storage, and sheds at their official Keter Store. Sold under several leading brands such as Keter and Curver, each item is carefully designed to combine durability with style.

They don't speak of plastic items for one-use. They are designed to last a lifetime and have a minimal impact on the planet while still fulfilling their expectations. In 2018, 41% of the plastic they used was recycled and they were the largest recycled plastic consumers in the industry. They are researching constantly ways to increase the number of recycled products they use.

Including Australia, Keter is currently working in 90 countries with more than 4500 people employed alongside 24 plants throughout the world. It helps them get their designed products to their customers quite effectively and efficiently. On a regular basis, Keter strives to offer its best to the customers and also ensures 24/7 availability to avoid any hassle.

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You can get an advantage of Keter Sale and grab your desired product at prices that are unmatched. They have the finest range of furniture and quite a few other products to give your home and garden an exquisite look. Some of the best products are as follow:

The ultra-spacious Artisan 11x7 storage room is built for people with a long life span and can house anything from your DIY workstation to the massive outdoor sports equipment and even heavy motorcycles. It has a heavy floor panel which allows you, without being concerned about mud and rainwater, to store heavier equipment including ATV, lawnmowers and garden furniture.

The Patio Storage Bench provides comfortable seating for two people, appealing and convenient addition to any patio. It is good for storing tools and supplies for your garden. This patio bench, made from a robust, weatherproof resin, requires a minimum of maintenance and is easy to put on.

A sleek combination of storage and furniture. The Eden Garden Bench is an elegant furniture with a size of 265L/70 G, which can be used for two adults and double the lockable deck box. The Eden Garden Bench is completely weatherproof and ideal for a variety of outdoor styles with its chic architecture.

Bring harmony and elegance with the smart Harmony Extendable Table to your outdoor dining area. The table is beautifully wood-like, with 6 or 10 chairs, which can be absolutely extended once finished. Made from long-lasting resin, it prevents environmental damages such as rust, redness, oxidation, and color fade. This table is easy to assemble and push around with a lightweight non-metallic setting.

Anyone who likes to eat outside would enjoy the elegant style of the Futura Dining Table when the weather allows. You will admire the conventional wooden furniture's appearance and texture with its polished Rezolith finish with the advantages of an environmentally friendly table requiring essentially zero maintenance.

Imagine every sunny day on the Iowa Balcony Package enjoying your cappuccino. This compact collection includes two chairs with soft covers and ergonomic back and armrests designed to provide you with optimum sitting comfort and a Luzon storage table that allows you to store comfort items such as books, plaid books, or magazines carefully.

Two-seater California sofa transforms your patio or greenhouse into a spacious outdoor living space. This sofa with a rounded wicker theme, extra broad armrests, and cozy, comfortable seat and backrests turns your garden into a place to enjoy your friends or to relax.

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