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Kenwood Chef Titanium XL 67 Li...

$ 1499.00

Kenwood MultiPro Express Food...

$ 208.00

Kenwood MultiPro Food Processo...

$ 169.99

Kenwood kMix 2 Slice Toaster W...

$ 69.99

Kenwood Multipro Excel Food Pr...

$ 740.00

Kenwood Chef Classic Mixer

$ 499.00

Kenwood HandMix Lite Hand Mixe...

$ 69.00

Kenwood HandMix Lite

$ 69.99

Kenwood Chef XL Elite KVL6300S

$ 999.00

Kenwood Chef Sized Frozen Dess...

$ 129.00

Kenwood Trenette Cutter KAX983...

$ 199.00

Kenwood Pro 2000 Excel Mincer...

$ 469.00

Kenwood Thermoresist Glass Ble...

$ 149.00

Kenwood Spaghetti Cutter KAX98...

$ 199.00

Kenwood Titanium Chef Patissie...

$ 1599.00

Kenwood Triblade System Hand B...

$ 109.00

Kenwood Pro Excell 2000 Mincer

$ 419.95

Kenwood Chefette Dual Purpose...

$ 149.00

Kenwood Chef XL Sized Frozen D...

$ 149.00

Kenwood Classic Chef KM336 nak...

$ 379.00

Kenwood Electric Can Opener Wh...

$ 59.00

Kenwood Classic Chef Mixer Whi...

$ 299.99

Kenwood 46L Chef Kitchen Stand...

$ 479.00

Kenwood 67L Stainless Steel Bo...

$ 199.00

Kenwood Lasagne Roller KAX980M...

$ 199.00

Kenwood Power Mincer MG450

$ 259.00

Kenwood MultiPro Compact Food...

$ 199.00

Kenwood Spiralizer Attachment...

$ 199.00

Kenwood Food Grinder KAX950ME

$ 199.00

Kenwood Tagliolini Cutter KAX9...

$ 199.00

Kenwood Multipro Excel Food Pr...

$ 799.00

Kenwood Titanium Chef Baker XL...

$ 869.00

A British but highly-admirable and well-recognised home appliances company named Kenwood in Australia is offering its customers a handsome range of home as well as kitchen appliances via many reliable and trusted suppliers and dealers.

The company is known to design and produce approx. all kinds of kitchen appliances such as toasters, kettles, food processors, blenders, ovens, stand mixers, and a number of home appliances like air conditioners, washing machines, and others.

It was founded back in 1947 by Kenneth Maynard Wood in 79 Goldsworth Road and later in 1962, moved to Havant.

The first and foremost product produced by Kenwood was a toaster, which was brought in the markets in 1947. The time flew, and Kenwood kept bringing products one after another, and now at their official online Kenwood Store, one can find a plethora of home appliances and kitchen appliances that are manufactured without having to compromise on quality.

Through their marvellous designs, Kenwood continues to enhance your home and kitchen for decades. The look of their products is as durable as their quality, ensuring a smart investment that will give you benefits for the years to come. 

Besides, Kenwood ensures 24 hours availability for their customers’ easiness to help them buy their desired product without any hassle. They are providing a number of shipping options throughout the world alongside handy return and exchange policies.

Kenwood Products

The company came into existence to give you a wonderful selection of kitchen appliances with Kenwood Sale in Australia. They have a wide variety of products and deals in every category.

Interestingly, Kenwood has achieved the highest level of quality in all its offerings. The following are some of the best Kenwood products:

The Chef Sense XL Mixer is a breeze to make your meals. This mixer is a modern device capable of performing various forms of food tasks across a variety of optional accessories.

The Chef Classic Mixer 4.6L provides high speed and good melting efficiency to ensure that your food preparation needs are a flexible option.

You can prepare your own minced and sauce at home with the Chef Multi Food Grinder suitable for kMix Stand Mixers, perfect for making delicious meals for the entire family without thinking about fillers and additives.

With KAH647PL Food Processor Attachment, the preparation of plates is simple and easy. Place this Kenwood attachment in the high-speed discharge, and stir-fried veg and pesto will be ready in a snap.

The Lasagna Roller Attachment of Kenwood is easy to assemble and use and enables you to make sliced pasta for various dishes like lasagna, cannelloni, and ravioli easily and conveniently.

A convenient compliment to your busy kitchen, the robust, high-capacity nature of the Kenwood Thermoresist Glass Blender lets you simply prepare delicious soups and a smooth mixed drink.

Multi Pro Home Food Processor is a versatile and easy-to-use tool that is suitable for taking up various kitchen tasks such as shredder, dicing, and mincing. It comes with a huge 3-liter bowl that allows large quantities of ingredients to be stored simultaneously.

Treat all your food processing needs with the Multi Pro Sense Food Processor in a handy package. Using this all-in-one food processor, you can save time, energy, and space in your kitchen, including a blender, grinding bowl, and mini tank, using built-in scales and a powerful motor.

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