Kelvinator KWH39CRE Window Wall Air Conditioner

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Nominal horsepower:                    1.5
Capacity cool watts:                      3900
Current rating amps:                      10.0
Moisture removal ltr/hour:             1.3
New Energy star rating cooling:    2.0
Dimensions:                                    428 x 660 x 700
Waranty:                                           5 Years

The Kelvinator KWH39CRE Air Conditioner in Australia has an impressive, modern and compact grille design with wireless remote control operation. This beast is gorgeously designed for cooling modest-sized homes and smaller room. You no longer need to get installed indoor and outdoor units separately and that makes it stand out from a crowd. It features auto swing, a 24-hour timer, auto restart as well as a sleep mode.


  • Product Type: Window Wall
  • Air Conditioner Type: Cooling Only
  • Brand: Kelvinator
  • Model: KWH39CRE
  • Cooling Output (kW): 3.9kW
  • Energy Efficiency (Cooling): 2 Stars
  • Dimensions: 66 x 70 x 42.8 cm (W x D x H)
  • Warranty: 60 Months


Sleep Mode: The Kelvinator KWH39CRE comes with sleep mode which can be activated through a remote control before you go to sleep and can run without interrupting your sleep. When a cooling mode is activated, the temperature increases 1 Degree Celsius after an hour and 1 Degree Celsius after 2 hours and continue to run at the new setting.

Remote Control: You can control all operations of your Kelvinator KWH39CRE air conditioner from your armchair thanks to the luminescent keypad.

Auto Mode: The Kelvinator KWH39CRE lets you set your desired room temperature thanks to its auto mode.

Even Airflow: The auto air swing left-right and manual air swing up-down.

12 Hour Timer: You can set the 12-hour auto start auto stop timer in order to turn it on or off when you need. Simply, set and forget.

Fresh Air Return: Constant air from the outside refreshes your room or home. This Kelvinator KWH39CRE provides extra ventilation to the room and can also assist in humidity control

Simple to Use: Thanks to the electronic controls on the front panel which make it easier to adjust the settings of it. Importantly, there is a handy remote control to set temperature from the comfort of your armchair.


The Kelvinator KWH39CRE Air Conditioner Price in Australia ranges from AU$636-699 – varies from store to store. It’s officially available on all major stores across Australia and one can get their hands on one with immediate effects. To help you buy smartly without compromising on numerous bucks, we have enlisted quite a few online stores offering Kelvinator KWH39CRE at unmatched rates alongside deals and huge discounts. So, what are you waiting for?