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Music lovers will definitely be enticed by KEF in Australia as it’s a highly admirable and well-recognised loudspeaker manufacturer who started its journey from the UK and now available across the globe, including Australia and New Zealand. The company being an international distributor of highest quality loudspeakers was founded back in 1961 By Raymond Cooke (an electrical engineer) in Tovil, Maidstone, Kent.

The founder – Raymond Cooke himself, was a music lover as well as a deeply practical man. He performed a number of experiments with different types of material and technologies to come up with products that promise to deliver mind-boggling acoustic performance.

Its been now more than 6 decades since KEF has been producing and distributing outclass products not only in its homeland UK but in other countries too. It has a plethora of products at KEF Store online with innovation and technology to entice music lovers. Thanks to its state-of-the-art, cutting-edge, and exquisite product range, KEF maintains its reputation.

What’s more? KEF is offering its valued customers a number of services online at the KEF website and engaging numerous people constantly. They, too, offer user-friendly and highly-trained customer service representatives to guide you when buying their products online. For their upcoming and mind-boggling loudspeakers, you can follow them on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms. 

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The company is committed to supplying you with the best range of products in Australia at incredible rates with KEF Sale. In addition, every single product offered by KEF preserves the highest quality. Some of the best products are as follow:

The extensive architectural ceiling speaker series provides excellent performance from models built for their surroundings. If you need the acoustic ability of the R series or the ability of the C series to replicate stereo in just a single speaker, KEF has the ideal speaker for your installation if the room is premium.

Motion One provides a powerful, uncontaminated, and balanced sound from a flexible wireless in-ear headphone kit. Tiny and light, but they bring a great personality, demanding from all music lovers for presence and performance.

Space One Wireless offers an elegantly discreet pair of castors with a rich and authentic tone. These awesome headphones are perfect for those who travel well and allow you to experience pristine sounds everywhere you go.

Place a Bluetooth GRAVITY speaker wherever it is. Wireless sound quality with a precise and detailed level is provided by an audacious and confident design. GRAVITY ONE also contains calling features that make it possible to function and play in that mic.

Muo has been co-founded by British designer Ross Lovegrove as a portable Bluetooth speaker. Great art and cutting-edge KEF technologies, from driver design to electronics, are the secret to making speakers look as good as they sound.

MUON is the product of KEF engineering skills combined with Ross Lovegrove's world-class industrial design. The Muon is limited to a 100-pair version.

All of us deserve fantastic music. That's why KEF's Q Series includes state-of-the-art acoustic technology from a wide variety of individuals, including the iconic REFERENCE and Blade launches. The Q series continues to win awards worldwide, with outstanding value, by accessing information and insight into all that you want to listen to.

The LS50 Display offers a vibrant, multi-dimensional, non-proportionate sound-stage experience. The ultimate experience – also on smallest areas, patent-based acoustic designs combined with the latest technology in the KEF flagship Blade loudspeaker.

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