Vacuum cleaners have evolved from luxury household equipment to a necessity — at least in Australia. Given the high levels of pollution, simply dusting your home isn't enough. As a result, you'll require sophisticated cleaning gear, such as a vacuum cleaner, to clean the unclean and flat surfaces.

Giving Kambrook Vacuums in Australia a try might be a wise decision, as the company offers a wide range of vacuum cleaners with a variety of features to meet the needs of a wide range of customers. Kambrook has got you covered, whether you need a vacuum cleaner to clean your carpet or your entire home.

About Kambrook

Kambrook has grown from a history of practical, functional, and inexpensive household appliances since its beginnings in 1964 by Australian inventor Frank Bannigan to become an iconic brand. They invented products such as the four-way power board, the plug-in electric timer, and the plastic kettle, and they continue to play a major role in the development of household appliances. As a consequence, their products may be relied upon to deliver excellent results at an affordable price. There is now a large selection of Kambrook Vacuums Online, as well as other items, to pick from, with each one going through extensive durability testing to assure both quality and lifespan.

Best Kambrook Vacuums to Try

Do you want to save money on Kambrook vacuum cleaners? You won't have to break the bank with the Kambrook Sale & Promotion category, which includes a big selection of items at excellent prices. The following are some of the brand's best vacuums:

Before filtering, the Kambrook CaptivG3 employs cyclonic suction technology to gather and remove dirt from the particles in the air, resulting in a cleaner filter for longer. This also guarantees that the vacuum's suction force is maintained throughout time. With an amazing 2000 watts of power, this bagless vacuum cleaner is built with ease in mind. As a result, it has enormous sucking strength as a result of this, and no dirt escapes it.

There isn't a lot that distinguishes this lift from the CaptivG3 lift. This one, too, employs cyclonic suction, and it provides a robust performance by delivering 2000W of power to the table – or the floor. It contains two washable HEPA filters, auto-cord rewind, and a chrome telescopic wand, among other features. It does, however, include an upright parking mechanism that allows it to be conveniently stored without the worry of it tipping over.

This barrel vacuum cleaner has a small footprint and is designed to be lightweight and manoeuvrable. With 1600 watts, it's a little less powerful than the bagless vacuums we've already looked at, but it's still powerful enough to deliver consistent results. The Jaguar also has a multi-floor cleaning tool that can clean practically any surface, as well as a variable speed control that lets you modify the suction speed to suit your needs.

The Kambrook Captiv12V Turbo is a low-cost and simple solution to keep your house dust-free. It has a great 12-volt power output, which is ideal for effective cleaning, and its rechargeable battery has a longer life than other models, allowing you to clean for longer periods of time without having to recharge it. This handvac also eliminates the need for bags because it has a large capacity dust canister that can be simply removed and washed.

This handvac is one of the lightest and cheapest on the market, weighing only 0.5 kilograms. It undoubtedly qualifies as a low-cost choice due to its simplicity. It has a high wattage of 12 volts and a larger-than-average dust canister that is readily removed.

Save on Kambrook Vacuums Online

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